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Android TV now receives its Google TV-inspired facelift (APK Download)

After a minor facelift of the Play Store TV interface and the all-new Google TV user interface, the usual Android TV experience is about to be overhauled. After announcing a new three-tab look for Android TVs earlier this month, Google is starting to update devices.

Before and after.

The new interface looks strikingly like Google TV. Voice search and the assistant remain in the upper left corner, but the sidebar with Apps, see next, and Play movies and TV is completely gone. Instead, there are now three tabs at the top: Home, Discover, and Apper. The former looks and feels pretty much like the old home screen and consists of your favorite taps and channels, including the newly added carousel. Apper remains the place to go when you want to see all your installed programs. Discover is all new to Android TV, though. Google says it “contains customized recommendations based on what you see and what interests you, in addition to what’s trending on Google.” Google says that the recommendations are based on the apps and subscriptions you already have on your TV, so Discover obviously quite similar For you tab on Google TV.

Above: The new Android TV look. Under: Google TV interface.

Back in early February, Google announced that the new software would come to Android TV devices in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany and France, with more to follow further down the road. Now we’re starting to see updates that allow this facelift to arrive.

Users interested in getting an early look should sideload two APKs to their Android TV devices: first Android TV Core Services 3.0.4, followed by Home 3.0.

Even with both installed, you probably will not see any change right away, and users report that even after the new software is in place, it may take some time for Android TV to switch to the new interface. So whether you are side-loading or just waiting for nature to take its course: patience is your friend here.


Added details about the update’s arrival and page loading APKs.

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