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Android TV ‘Discover’ home screen update is rolling out now

Over the course of its life, Google’s Android TV has seen two core designers that the company has built on top of. Google TV is set to replace the Android TV established over the next year, but now Google is bringing much of that experience over to today’s hardware. The Android TV home screen is updated with new personal recommendations, a “Discover” tab and more.

Starting today and rolling out over the next few weeks, Android TVs will see an update to the Home screen, providing an experience much closer to what’s seen on Google TV. It is not an exact copy, but the similarities are obvious.

Update 2/1

1: While the update officially launched on February 3, we are finally starting to see a meaningful launch as of today. Updates to Android TV Home and Core Services rolled out to deliver the changes, but it seems that there is still a component on the server side as well. My JBL Link Bar updated about 25 minutes after page loading of both updates, by our Kyle Bradshaw reported that the same change did not appear on his test drive. A user in France also notified us that he also saw the change today.

The biggest change here is that the Android TV home screen, like Google TV, gets three tabs – Home, Discover and Apps. The main tab for the home (seen above) works like what Android TV already offers. It shows the sponsored row at the top with “Favorite Taps” and “Play Next” below. From there, you have rows packed with content from apps installed on Android TV.

Android TV also gets a new “Discover” tab, which is completely new to the experience. This category is the most reminiscent of Google TV. Similar to the “For You” tab on these devices, what is included here includes movies and TV shows that are popular on Google Search, as well as personal recommendations. As far as we can see, however, the “Watchlist” feature that makes Google TV so good is nowhere to be seen here. Finally, there are app tabs that show all installed apps as well as a link to the Google Play Store.

Google says that this redesigned home screen will roll out in the US, as well as Australia, Canada, Germany and France with more countries to follow.

This comes at an interesting time, since Google has previously said that the goal is to transfer current Android TV hardware to the Google TV UI over time. However, Google previously complained that “some features” in the new user interface were ported back to Android TV, and it seems that this is the fulfillment of this promise. In a way, this also acts as a stop for the TVs and set-top boxes that will not be updated to the Google TV UI as a whole.

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