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Android Auto 3.8 improves media search, supports MMS, RCS, and preview of messages

By running Android Auto as a regular Android app on phones, Google has made the car's interface widely available. The experience – with great touches and limited functionality – is better than jumping through different apps while driving. Today, Google Android Auto updates with multiple feature rich audio apps and preview of messages.

Previously, the main screen played in any media app now. Although this was done for a single setup, there was limited content browsing to the navigation tray. Users had to scroll through lists in a panel that did not completely span the screen's full width.

In Android Auto 3.8, media file browsing can take place on the main screen. Now it's still high available thanks to a FAB in the lower right corner that animates with joy in and out. Apps like Play Music make use of the additional screen's real estate brokerage by switching from lists to interfaces that have and underscores larger tire art instead of titles or names.

According to Google, users can spend less time surfing, with Play Books, Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts and Spotify already using the new user interface.

Meanwhile, Google Assistant is better at finding specific songs, albums, podcasts and audiobooks thanks to a new search results page. In a music folder, albums, songs and radio stations will also be displayed by searching for an artist. As part of the Now Playing message on the main Android Auto home screen, it is possible to see "More results."

The second part of today's update is messages, with the ability to see text previews ̵

1; instead of just hearing text-to-speech – when the vehicle is stopped. There is a new option "Always Predictions" in settings that you can turn on / off.

Meanwhile, Android Auto now supports MMS and RCS, as well as SMS. This allows supported apps like Android, Hangouts, and WhatsApp to offer more opportunities, such as group messages.

 Android Auto 3.8

Android Auto 3.8 rolls out the next days via Play Save, with these updates also coming to integrated Android Auto car monitors.

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