In the days before, long ago, before pandemics and job descriptions as “content creator”, our ancestors got new Android releases christened with “tasty goodies” names (and sometimes with a side of the corporate blessing). Together we enjoyed a delicious amount of jelly beans, ice cream sandwiches, KitKats, oreos, cupcakes and lollipops, all among a larger cornucopia of sugary snacks. As we celebrated from the bug droid̵

7;s robotic chest, we were ill-prepared when Google suddenly snatched the desserts from us with Android 10. (I’m not saying that caused Covid, but the timing speaks for itself.) Despite the marketing department’s best efforts, hidden internal code names live on, and we’ve just got our first impressive glimpse of Android 13’s potential lovely Name.

According to a change just discovered by the people on XDA developers, Android 13s platform code name will probably be Tiramisu, which follows Android 12s Snow Cone, Android 11s Red Velvet Cake and Android 10s Quince Tart.

In case you are unfamiliar with the finer points of Italian desserts, Tiramisu is usually made with espresso or coffee-dipped lady fingers (a kind of pastry) made with mascarpone, sometimes topped with cocoa, and often fortified with liqueur or wine. Originally sourced from Italy, we Americans have quite successfully found ways to pervert it into some pretty weird thing (as is our habit).

Sure, it would have been nice to get a Twinkie, or maybe your taste is more in tapioca pudding, but we’re not about exposing Android developers to go the fancy route. But while they had a selection of options for T, we can not help but wonder what U can bring. A pineapple-free upside-down cake? Start digging better through the recipe drawer now, as this one may take some time.