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Android 12 provides resizing and stashing for PiP windows

Picture-in-picture was one of the most hyped features of Android 8.0 Oreo, and even today it is still one of the biggest additions that have been made to Android in recent times. If you are not familiar with it, it allows you to continue watching videos played from your browser or other apps while doing something else. It has since become key functionality for apps like YouTube, allowing you to continue watching videos while on other apps. But since its introduction in 2017, it has not received any new enhancements or enhancements, but that may change now that Android 12 is around the corner.

Our deep dive into Android 12’s first Developer Preview has revealed that Google has added extra functionality to the picture-in-picture feature of Android 12, with two new enhancements. The first of them is pinch-to-resize, which is pretty much what it sounds like: With two fingers you can resize the window, and make it bigger or smaller if necessary. The second of them is stashing, which allows you to hide a window without closing it completely by stashing it to the side. None of these features are enabled by default, which is not really a surprise, since both features are very tough around the edges right now.

There are many scenarios where you might want to use both of these features, so it’s definitely helpful for Google to add them to Android 12. For example, you might be looking at something and need to make the video feed bigger to see something closer, or maybe you hears the sound of a video, but the floating window bothers what you do on another app, so you just stutter it away.

Right now it’s pretty janky, but that’s to be expected since we’re using a very early version of this operating system. As Android 12 begins to mature over the next few months, we should be able to see that it works better and smoother, or is completely scrapped.

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