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Android 12: Here’s a look at one-handed mode in action

One feature we reported would come with Android 12 is one-handed mode, which shrinks the phone to be more accessible with the thumb. Here is our first look at one-handed mode in action on Android 12 Developer Preview 1.

As we reported earlier this week, one-handed mode is an upcoming feature for Android 12 that aims to help those with higher handsets to be able to use the phone more with one hand. To do this, Android simply shrinks the screen vertically, bringing the top of the phone closer to the thumb. While one-handed mode was not launched publicly with Android 12, our Dylan Roussel was able to enable the feature to give us all a taste of how it works.

The Android device̵

7;s one-handed mode is almost identical to the iOS range and is invoked with a simple swipe down on the gesture navigation bar. As explained in the tutorial, you can tap outside the shrink screen or swipe up on the gesture field to get the phone back to normal.

While in one-handed mode, you can essentially use your phone as normal, switching between apps while staying in shrink mode. Alternatively, with a switch, one-handed mode can be terminated as soon as you switch apps. By default, it also goes out if you do not touch the phone in eight seconds.

Overall, one-handed mode looks like a simple, straightforward feature that should be useful for the extra tall phones in your life. Since we are still early in the development cycle for Android 12, it is too early to say whether one-handed mode will actually start when Android 12 is launched to the public.

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