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Android 12 has a hidden game toolbar that floats on your screen

It may be part of the game mode we heard about

This year’s Android 12 update is about to become Google’s biggest release in several years, judging by all the cool new features we find. Earlier today, XDA Recognized Developer and friend of the site Quinny899 gave us our first look at Android 12’s hidden Conversation widget, but it’s not the only feature he enabled. Thanks to some reverse engineering, he was able to make Google’s hidden Gaming Dashboard feature work. It’s currently extremely barebones and has only one floating toolbar with two non-functional buttons, but that’s our first look at yet another unreleased Android 1

2 feature.

As you can see in the screenshot below, two icons overlap at the top of the screen: a post icon and a control icon.

Android 12’s hidden, evolving game toolbar. Credits: Kieron Quinn / Quinny899.

According to the code for Gaming Dashboard contained in Android 12s SystemUI, the record button simply starts a screen capture session. This will be useful when you want to record the screen without disturbing the game by dragging down the quick settings panel. As for the button with the controller icon, we do not know what it will do because it does not work, and there is no obvious functionality associated with it in the code.

The Gaming Dashboard classes are a part of com.google.android.systemui the namespace instead com.android.systemui, which suggests that this feature may be Pixel-exclusive. However, many OEMs already have their own Gaming Mode features, and there is nothing about this version that stands out right now. Before the first developer preview fell, we learned that Google is working on a game mode for Android 12. We do not know if this new Gaming Dashboard and the game mode we heard about is the same, or if the former is just a feature built on top of the new The GameManager service. We’ll probably learn more information from subsequent Android 12 Developer Previews, though.

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