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Android 12 adjusts navigation movements again

Navigation moves in Android 10 and beyond have been controversial from day one, and years after its launch, Google continues to adjust the formula. In Android 12, navigation gestures now work instantly if you use a full-screen app.

This fine-tuning, noticed by people over at Android Police, allows the home and home navigation movements to work with just one swipe instead of two. In Android 10 and Android 11, full-screen apps temporarily disable these swipes, which means you have to swipe twice. once to activate the gesture, and the other to perform it.

In particular, this may not work for all apps, but it is a most appreciated change in those who support it. Google Photos is perhaps the best example of how this works should work. When viewing full screen images, navigation gestures work normally even if the navigation bar is hidden. YouTube, on the other hand, does not support this properly and still requires two swipes to use the gestures. Twitter is in the same boat with navigation movements on Android 1

2 that behave just like older versions as shown below.

This definitely solves a frustrating peculiarity of Android otherwise quite good navigation movements. Given that it seems that apps have to choose to participate in this, it can of course take some time before we can use it consistently.

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