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AND iPhone prototype up for auction on eBay

Some fans will be willing to pay something just to own a rare piece of history. That's precisely why there is no lack of fraud, which is only done so much easier thanks to the Internet. Now this new eBay auction may or may not be one, but it definitely shows the extent someone would go through just to get it. A 321dady handler puts a prototype of the first iPhone up for auction on eBay, and it has just passed $ 31,000 according to this letter.

This is not one of the first commercially available iPhones launched in mid 2007. No, it would probably be too easy to get and would not attract much attention. There must be an iPhone that was never revealed to the public, and probably should never have left Cupertino or where it was hand-mounted.

According to the seller, this is one of the earliest prototypes of OG iPhone, made on Apple HQ instead of being assembled somewhere in China. It accounts for many physical differences, such as heavier weight, the network band on the back and more. It may not have been the very first, but since it is labeled as iPhone 1


And so it's the software. As a prototype for testing, this version apparently has tests to run different operating systems, including OS X. The late Steve Jobs mentioned that the iPhone would run its desktop OS. Of course, it never happened, for better or worse. The IPhone interface is big and lumpy, maybe prove its nature. There are big icons, and some make no sense. Like a box of Cheerios.

It is not easy to judge the authenticity of this prototype, although some publications note how similarly it appears to other verified prototypes. Uncertainty is not important for some people, judging by how much the price has gone up within just two days.

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