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An HTC-made Pixel 2 XL prototype that was just sold on eBay

Some are taking a closer look at HTC’s unreleased Google phone. After 9to5Google report, an anonymous eBay user has sold a prototype HTC Pixel 2 XL for $ 580.

HTC Pixel 2 XL at auction, codenamed “Muskie”, is an example of EVT (Engineering Validation Test). True to past leaks, the really standard Pixel 2 font is great. It still has giant frames and eye-catching front speakers, only with an ornate pattern on the back and a modified “G” logo to hide the Google brand.

There are further references to the HTC Pixel 2 XL’s prototype status. This model runs a debug version of Android 8 Oreo that makes several references to the “Muskie”

; code name – the software was clearly specific to this phone. It uses an Android security update from August 2017, which indicates that Google and HTC maintain the code until just a few months before the official debut in October 2017.

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There are no hints as to who bought the phone, and the recipient may not be thrilled when the news has gone out. The seller warned that the HTC system may be “unstable or not working” and that there was no guarantee that the network would work properly. Even if you came across it yourself, you could end up with a little more than a weight of paper.

Nevertheless, the auction is useful as an illustration of what may have been. Google had invested heavily in the HTC Pixel 2 XL before switching to the LG design that eventually reached the audience – this was not a throwaway. While you’ll hardly see that kind of connection again given Google’s increasingly practical approach to design, it’s fun to imagine what would have happened if Google had gone ahead with an entire HTC Pixel series.

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