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AMD FSR can be used on (almost) all Vulcan games via Proton’s FSHack

AMD’s FSR quickly gets unofficial implementations in several games, mods and hacks. Following the adventures of FidelityFX Super Resolution to Grand Theft Auto V and Assetto Corsa, Georg ‘DadSchoorse’ Lehmann found a way to apply FSR to (almost) all Vulcan games in the Linux environment, as part of Proton’s full-screen hack.

The mother herself warns that it is not a perfect implementation, but we reckon that it is still impressive in itself.

Resident Evil Village New PC update fixes performance issues, adds AMD FidelityFX Super resolution

This is an implementation of AMD’s FSR https://gpuopen.com/fidelityfx-superresolution/ in fshack, which allows users to select it instead of linear / nearest filtering for upscaling. It can be activated using WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 and a lower resolution than the original screen. WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR_STRENGTH controls how much sharpening (not to be confused with AMD’s quality presets, they are about the input resolution), 0 is maximum sharpness, higher values ​​mean less sharpening. Default is 5.


  • Works only in volcano games (dxvk and vkd3d proton included).
  • Some games upscale alone, without using fshack, when you select a lower resolution in the game. FSR will not work in these.
  • Using FSR on the final image is obviously not ideal, it should be used before the user interface is drawn and before any finishing effects such as film grain.
  • AMD also recommends a negative LOD skew, which is not possible in a generic way without problems.
  • This is just the slow fp32 version, if I accept it, I can follow up the fp16 version.
  • The patch set is a bit messy. If the huge commitment is an issue, I can try to break it down a bit.
  • An environment variable to add custom resolution modes (eg 2048×1152) will be nice to control the quality more directly.

YouTuber GloriousEggroll, which primarily covers Linux-related game news, has already posted a video presentation of this FSR hack used with Forza Horizon 4, a game that certainly does not naturally support AMD’s latest technology. According to GloriousEggroll, FSR Ultra Quality managed to squeeze in an extra 25 frames per second when playing with 4K resolution and Ultra settings.

This also bodes very well for Steam Deck, since Valve’s upcoming handheld PC uses Proton with its custom SteamOS as standard. Of course, you also have the option to install Windows on Steam Deck if you wish.

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