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Amazon’s new world is causing expensive high-end GPUs to die

An image of EVGA's 3090 graphics card over a screenshot of Amazon's New World MMO.

Players discover a brave new world of graphical hardware failure.
Picture: Amazon / EVGA / Kotaku

Amazon Games’ often delayed MMO New world launched its closed beta yesterday before launching on 31 August. Thousands of players clogged the servers of the historic fantasy game, causing long login queues in all game worlds. Some gamers got much more than they anticipated, when there were reports of advanced, hard-to-find EVGA RTX 3090 video cards that died while playing the game.

Imagine spending close to $ 2000 (or more) in the secondary market) for one of the most powerful graphics cards you can buy, start a whole new game and hear a “pop” sound when the screen goes black. That seems to be what is happening to owners of EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 graphics card while playing the closed beta version of New world. Reports of the game and the card combination causing hardware failure appear Reddit, on Steam, i EVGAs forums, and in the game’s official forums. A user, who walks past Goatz on New world forums, reported that they had one EVGA card die during the game’s alpha test earlier this year. EVGA replaced the card, only to cause it to die again during the current closed beta.

Then after pressing the play button for New world beta, the game started loading, immediately followed by fan speeds that increased to 100%, FPS dropped to 0, and then the screens turn off and my video card is no longer detected. So I restarted my PC and everything seemed to work fine. I even tried some other games to be sure and I had no problems. So I keep playing New world again and the same thing happens, but this time I heard a loud pop, and now 3090 does not get past POST at startup.

Goatz’s edition reflects that of other players whose EVGA 3090 cards have failed. Sometimes mistakes occur in the middle of the game. Other times it happens while you wait New worldlogin queue. The graphics card fans kick in overdrive, which generally indicates a particularly large workload, and the screen turns black. Some users report that they may restart after the black screen appears. Others describe a popping sound, after which the graphics card no longer works at all.

An image of EVGA's RTX 3090 FTW3 graphics card, which may fail when running New World.

EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra, a nice graphics card when it’s not dead.
Photo: EVGA

Fortunately, the problem seems isolated for EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 cards. Nvidia GPUs are released in several models across many manufacturers, and errors seem limited to EVGA. Owners of other brands of RTX 3090 cards should be clear.

The issue that is limited to a single card model also means that this is a hardware issue and not an issue with Amazon New world generally. It sounds like there’s something wrong with EVGA’s FTW3 card, and New worldThe environment happens to have the right combination of settings and GPU calls to eradicate the problem. Kotaku reached out to EVGA and Amazon Games for comment, but received no immediate response.

Note it New worldits gaming support forum does list a known problem with the video cards reaches 99 percent GPU load while playing. The proposed solution is to enable V-Sync for Nvidia-based cards or Radeon Enhanced Sync for AMD cards, which limits the game’s frame rate and keeps it out of control.

If you own an EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 card, congratulations on having one of the most powerful, hard-to-find graphics cards on the market on your computer. Bookmark EVGA support page, and maybe steer clear New world until the cardmaker finds out what’s going on.

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