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Amazon’s bad Android app is now less bad with major user interface updates

Amazon is a mega-corps with all the money in the world that not only sells everyone else̵

7;s goods, they often release their own branded products with companion apps. They clearly care about design, user experiences and interfaces, and their world generally looks like …nice. But for many years (basically since day 1), the Amazon Android app has been bad. It’s ugly as hell, functionality always seems to barely work this time, and probably not next time, and it rarely receives updates to do anything better.

That is changing today! We have a new update available that actually changes some things. We’re just a couple of weeks away from getting the new brown icon, so hey, things are looking up!

In the new update, the big change is that you will find that the side menu is now a bottom navigation bar. To get around the app, you have home, profile, shopping cart and menu tabs that get you into different areas. It also appears that a font change or font size change has slipped into pages (such as the menu page), and that the profile page is no longer the one that was built from 2011 (there are curved buttons).

The Whole Foods and Fresh pages now offer what appears to be a somewhat customized overlay when opened. They previously opened in the app like just any other Amazon page, but now they have their own brand, color scheme, etc. With search functionality that can work properly and not search the entire Amazon (if you know, you know what I mean) .

The update will be live for everyone at the link below.

Google Play Link: Amazon

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