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Amazon is reportedly building an Alexa ‘command center’ that will be mounted on the wall

Amazon is developing a thin Echo device for users to mount on the walls and use as a “smart home command center”, according to a report in Bloomberg. The device can come with a 10- or 13-inch touch screen and be able to control smart home devices, play music and videos and video chat thanks to a built-in camera. Of course, it is also said to include Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Wall mounting a display unit can give owners more options for where in the house to place it, instead of having to find an empty space on a table or desk. Amazon has experimented with wall-mounted Echo devices before, as with Amazon Echo wall clocks, and it is also possible to wall-mount other Echo devices using third-party accessories. But none of the previous Echo Shows are specifically designed for wall mounting. Bloomberg says it is much slimmer as a result.

According to Bloomberg, the unannounced device could be sold for between $ 200 and $ 250, and released at the end of either 2021

or 2022 (although the report has the usual disclaimer that plans may change and the device may be canceled). It is designed by Amazon’s Lab126 hardware division, and it can be offered in several variants with different screen sizes. The rumored product joins another Alexa device that is also believed to be under development at Amazon, a radar-equipped sleep tracker, designed to sit on a bedside table and feel your breath.

When contacted for comment, an Amazon spokesman said the company did not comment on rumors or speculation.

Updated February 9, 09:12 AM ET: Updated with Amazon’s response.

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