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Amazon is crowdfunding Echo Dots designed by Diane von Furstenberg

Amazon’s latest set of crowdfunded Echo devices aims for luxury over eccentricity. The retailer has unveiled three new trippy Echo Dot concepts from Belgian fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) that you can pre-order today for $ 60 each. Well, as long as they reach their sales target.

Like the trio of weird products Amazon unveiled in February (cuckoo clock anyone?), These tough speakers are part of the Build It program that borrows from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Basically, Amazon will only send out this second round of gadgets if they generate enough consumer interest within 30 days. As usual, if you order a product that does not cut, Amazon will not charge you for it. Paying $ 1

0 more for a limited edition smart speaker may not be a stretch for Amazon and DVF loyalists, so they have a good chance of getting to the factory line.

Von Furstenberg is no stranger to the technology scene. Motekraftverket has previously collaborated with Google on frames for its smart glasses and created a custom Samsung SPH-A680 camera phone. She has also twice teamed up with Amazon to host female-led live streams on International Women’s Day. Von Furstenberg will jump back on Amazon Live today to connect to the new Build It devices.

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