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Amazon gets Apple to launch an app that detects fake reviews from the App Store

  • Apple on Friday removed the Fakespot app from the App Store at Amazon’s request.
  • Amazon complained that Fakespot misled customers, broke the App Store rules and posed a security risk.
  • Fakespot’s CEO said he was shocked by the events.
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Amazon got Apple to remove an app called Fakespot from the App Store on Friday, as reported by Verge and CNBC.

Fakespot is an app that flags when product reviews on shopping apps like Amazon are likely to be fake or bot-generated.

According to Verge, Amazon filed a complaint with Apple on June 8, saying that Fakespot shows Amazon̵

7;s website inside its app, which violates Apple’s rules. The current rules state that apps that display third-party content must have permission from this third party.

Amazon also said that Fakespot misleads customers and created a security risk with the way it put code on Amazon’s website to display rankings.

“The app in question provides customers with misleading information about our sellers and their products, harms the sellers’ business and creates potential security risks. We appreciate Apple’s review of this app in relation to the Appstore guidelines,” an Amazon spokesman told Verge.

Fakespot’s CEO Saoud Khalifah denied that the app has any security issues, in an interview with Verge. He added: “Amazon is willing to bully small companies like ours that show the cracks in their company.” He said Fakespot had 150,000 downloads when Apple removed it.

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Saoud said that Apple has given Fakespot little opportunity to strike back since Amazon began negotiations on June 8, and he told CNBC that the removal notice was sudden and unexpected. “Imagine going to a tenant and saying you have to take all your things, you have to go right now. That’s how I feel right now,” he said.

Apple disputes this, saying it gave Fakespot “plenty of time” to resolve the issue with Amazon. In a speech to the brink, Khalifah said between June 8 and Friday that the process consisted of Fakespot and Amazon arguing with each other with Apple providing no guidance. “I am shocked that Apple decided to merge with Amazon without proof,” he told Verge.

At the time of writing, Fakespot remains in the Google Play Store for Android phones, where it has more than 50,000 downloads.

Fakespot, Amazon and Apple did not respond immediately when contacted by Insider for comment.

False reviews have been a major public relations problem for Amazon. The technology giant is facing an investigation in the UK due to fake reviews, and in June it issued a statement that companies in social media must do more to stop the sale of fake reviews on their platforms.

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