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Amazon doubles down on trying to make games with a new studio led by Ex-Rainbow Six Siege Developers

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Amazon opens a new game studio in Montreal led by former Rainbow Six Siege developers to work on a new multiplayer game, the company announced today.

The new studio, which joins the company’s existing ones in Seattle, Orange County and San Diego, will be led by Ubisoft veterans Luc Bouchard, Xavier Marquis, Alexandre Remy and Romain Rimokh, who were involved in the development of tactical shooting and microtransaction. power station Rainbow Six Siege.

“The skilled and experienced team at our new Montreal studio share our commitment to creating the best online games in the classroom, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and passion for building deep, community-focused multiplayer experiences,” Amazon Games VP Christoph Sa Hartmann said in a press release. Hartmann, a veteran of Grand Theft Auto and NBA2K publisher Take-Two, was even hired just a few years ago to try to help turn around Amazon’s game development problems.

Reports this year and lastly of Bloomberg and The cable revealed a number of problems with the technology giant when it came to making games, including superficial attempts to make money on the latest trend and a “bridge culture” that kept women back in the company. Last year, Amazon released its team-based shooter Melted, who flopped so bad it was not released months later and eventually closed completely. Amazon’s other great game, an MMO called New world, was originally scheduled to be released in May last year, but was delayed for the third time earlier this year and will reach out in August.

Mens Google recently announced that it was completely out of the game developmentWhen Amazon closed the first party studios for Stadia less than two years after they left the field, it seems that Amazon is keeping its course despite its recent record – at least for the time being. Today’s announcement is in part a recruitment level to try and attract other talent to get the new studio and project started. Whether it will ever actually see the light of day, however, is unclear.

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