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Amazon begins to expand partnerships in the long term

After many years of customers who used the feature, Amazon has begun to roll out the ability to build lists of friends and family, as perceived by Android Police . But do not get too excited yet – Amazon confirmed in an email to The Verge that the option has not been rolled out to all users, and it does not indicate how fast this will come to everyone. Earlier, Amazon has had an option for users to share their lists with people, but never allowed users to add items to a partner unless they used the wedding registry. The feature is sure to be useful for party planning, roommates, holidays, birthdays ̵

1; basically all events where more people need to buy things together.

To check and see if you can invite friends and family to collect gift lists, navigate to a list that you have already set up. If you see a bubble under the title's title that says "Inviter", you can start sending links to friends that allow them to edit it.

Amazon help pages do not mention this new feature, and it is uncertain when the add-on was implemented first. Again, since the company has not given a timeframe when (or about) it will be rolled out to each user, it may take a while before you see it in your account – but at least it looks like the Amazon got the ball rolling.

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