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Amazon assures fans that the new world is “safe to play” in the wake of high-end GPU errors when playing beta

Earlier today, we reported that a player is reporting it New world were potentially masonry advanced Nvidia GPUs. While the issue seems more hardware-based, or even platform-based with most complaints centered on the EVGA Team 3090, instead of the game itself, Amazon took to its forums to detail some steps gamers could take to ensure their GPUs would remain unaffected. Now the team assures players in a statement on Twitter that it is completely safe to play New Worlds beta.

In the statement, Amazon states that “hundreds of thousands of people” played in New world beta, which accrues to millions of the total number of hours played. The statement says they have received “few reports of gamers using high-performance graphics cards”

; dealing with hardware failures, and Amazon is here to reassure worried gamers that their MMO is safe for them to play, saying they see “no indication” on widespread problems with the 3090s, “both in beta and in the alpha test period as well.

New world makes standard DirectX calls as provided by the Windows API. “We have not seen any indication of widespread problems with the 3090s, either in beta or during the many months of alpha testing,” the statement said on Twitter.

“The New world Closed Beta is safe to play. To further reassure players, we will implement an update today that covers frames per second on the menu screen. We are grateful for the support New world receives from our players worldwide, and will continue to listen to their feedback throughout the Beta and beyond. “

As we, and many other outlets reported earlier, some of the reports come from players who see problems when they’re just in the lobby screen, which may have been what prompted Amazon to cover the menu now. New world The closed beta runs from now until August 2, and the game reaches a peak of almost 200,000 concurrent players on Steam yesterday.

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