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Alleged email leak shows ULA planning against Elon Musk and SpaceX

An alleged e-mail leak appears to show United Launch Alliance, a prominent SpaceX competitor, planning to spread malicious conspiracy theories about SpaceX chief Elon Musk.

However, the authenticity of the e-mails has not yet been confirmed Ars Technica reports that they “appear to be legitimate.” And ULA spokeswoman Jessica Rye told Futurism that “we will not comment now, but take this alleged cybercrime seriously.”

“While we continue to investigate thoroughly, we have no evidence that ULA accounts or systems have been breached,” Rye added.

The emails, first appeared off Bakkanal -no, not Steven Levy’s Backchannel, but a just-launched Substack that only has two posts-shows an apparent email conversation between ULA̵

7;s deputy chief Robbie Sabethier and Hasan Solomon, lobbyist at the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

In the e-mail exchanges, it appears that Solomon and Sabethier are discussing a major conspiracy theory about Musk, claiming that the billionaire conspired with former President Donald Trump and that Musk is a supporter of the Chinese Communist Party and its interests.

According to the leaked documents, Musk was actively lenient and subordinate to Chinese regulators at Tesla, while he publicly fought against US regulators.

“Major NASA taxpayers’ investments are being thrown away because of the cozy relationship established by Trump’s political hacks throughout NASA,” Sabathier wrote in an email in April, according to the leaks. “The US Government’s deep space research program is in jeopardy: This large program that is the basis for exploring deep spaces is threatened because of political services offered to Elon Musk.”

Sabathier also called NASA management “incompetent and unpredictable.”

Neither ULA nor SpaceX has responded to Futurism’s requests for comment. Overall, it is difficult to deal with the leak. The leak can certainly have its own motivations, such as Bakkanal points out.

If the e-mail exchanges turn out to be completely fabricated, the leak may try to throw the ULA under the bus.

Or it is possible that the leak is trying to get dirt on Musk to light, although not very convincing.

And to be fair, Musk has many enemies who can directly benefit from harmful information appearing about him.

NASA’s recent decision to exclude competitors and select SpaceX solely for its contract with Human Landing Systems raised eyebrows in the industry and was outraged by Blue Origin.

In fact, the alleged emails were exchanged shortly after NASA announced its decision in April Ars points out.

However, if the emails are legitimate, it is also possible that the leak is trying to destroy ULA’s reputation by drawing attention to its vicious attempts to undermine SpaceX.

It’s also worth noting that little love has been lost between Musk and ULA boss Tony Bruno, who whiplashed between a brief bromance and spats on social media.

The harsh reality is that ULA has found it difficult to keep up with SpaceX’s enormous progress in recent years.

SpaceX has won several major public contracts, which puts increased pressure on ULA to keep costs down to stay competitive, according to Ars.

We will update this story as soon as we know more about the alleged leaks.

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