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All you need to know to go to Destiny 2: Forsaken

The most important thing you need to know is that this guy sucks.

Destiny 2 is getting a big expansion next week, and some wasted players are thinking of coming back to the game. It has happened a lot during the past year, so you can be forgiven not to follow developments in history carefully. That's what I'm here for.

Forsaken next week's expansion will introduce a host of new things to the game. It comes along with the last 2.0 balance, which significantly exceeds the weapon system and balance. If you're just looking for information about it, you can find the breakdown of the new weapon system here, 2.0 patch notes here, and Bungie's roadmap of the coming year with content here.

If you want to know about signs and events that paved the way for Forsaken ( and you may not have spent four years playing every Destiny extension several times) this is the place for you. Shout-out to the well-organized Destinypedia to be a useful reference to some of the deeper lore that I could not retrieve from the top of my head. Another call to the many who want to comment on this article just to let the world know they hate Destiny and Bungie and they acted in their game a few months ago and why would they want to know what preferably about Destiny lore anyway?

For the rest of us, it's time left. Here we go.

The Story Leading into Destiny 2

I already wrote a great lore explainer for anyone who has never played Destiny and is thinking about playing Forsaken . I want to make a brief review here, but if you want a more detailed account of the events in the first game, read this article.

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A Beginner's Guide to the World of Destiny [19659010] So you want to play Destiny 2 but is a little fool about the first game? No worries I got you.

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Short version: Destiny takes place in our solar system in the long future. In this hypothetical timeline, mankind was visited by a mysterious moonlighted alien sphere called The Traveler powered by a mysterious energy called The Light and the arrival which commenced a Golden Age of prosperity. Unfortunately, a mysterious force called The Darkness followed travelers, along with several races of dangerous aliens: the captive Fallen The Hule House Hive, Time-Traveling Vex robots, rhino-sized Cabal armadas, and finally The Taken which were wraith-like versions of creatures from the other four races.

At some point during the attacks, travelers went dormant. As it did it burst out lots of little robot Ghosts who had their own intelligence and were able to channel a small piece of Light. The players took control of a Guardian who was a fallen soldier who was "found" by a ghost and reanimated with the light. During many games and extensions, the shooters fought a host of different stranger threats.

Destiny 1 lore you want to be most familiar with Forsaken the expansion, which is centered on Awoken, is a mysterious race of human beings living in a collapse of asteroids called The Reef . House of Wolves I will come into details later, but here's how I summarized the events of that extension:

House of Wolves var ] Destiny & # 39; s second extension, and hit May 2015. It was more in the relationship between Awoken and the Fallen, who had fought a massive war long ago as Awoken won and left the fallen houses in disarray. The fallen leader Skola's ended to be released, using his power to unite the scattered Fallen clans and threaten again. The Awoken Queen Mara Sov obtained your help to trace Skola's down. Have you finally caught him and then went … into a wake-up jail to kill him? While still locked up?

Ghaul, the Red War and the start of Destiny 2 's first year

It's possible to just jump into it Forsaken and use a level booster to jump right in to the last story the content. If you die to play the latest things as quickly as possible, it would be a great way to go, even though I actually liked the Destiny 2 main campaign. If you skip it, that's what happened.

At the start of Destiny 2 a group of Cabal soldiers known as Red Legion Traveler attacked the earth. They were led by a fanatic man named Dominus Ghaul who was obsessed with capturing travelers and claiming the Light for himself. He was also almost successful. His first assault decimated the Guardian army and led to a total evacuation of The Last City left him in control of travelers. By taking control of the journey, he cut all Guardians' connection to their light, leaving them without their magic powers and could not resurrect. It was an almost total victory, but unfortunately he could not figure out what came next.

Da Ghaul fought to spread Open travelers, met our character with the three leading leaders: Commander Zavala (a Titan), Ikora Rey (and Warlock), and wisecracking Cayde-6 (a Hunter), as well as a small gang of other resistance fighters. The Player's Guardian was called Shard of the Traveler into the desert as they used to regain their Ghost and gain access to the light.

Together with the rest of Vanguard, they arrested a majority of attacks to regain the last city while Ghaul's solar system destroyed megaweapon. The Almighty from extinguishing the Sun. The good guys won, of course. The final rebellion took place on a platform in front of travelers, when our character was against a super-driven Ghaul. Right when it seemed as if he were to win, travelers actually woke up (!) And sent out a light of light that destroyed him. Traveler emissions left the atmosphere of the earth and went straight into the room, where it has probably drawn the attention of who knows what. At the end of the campaign we saw a shortcut scene to bother the imminent arrival of a bunch of pyramidal ships that have not yet been explained.

With Ghaul defeated saved the city, and the traveler reawoken, the Guardians and Vanguard cast a large party and declared the start of a new golden age. Hooray for victory! Shortly after his victory, an exiled and strange friendly Solitaire emperor named Calus showed near the moon to Io on a planet-destructive ship called Leviathan. It was the site of the first of Destiny 2 s six-player raid, appropriate name Leviathan . The Curse of Osiris and ] Warmind Extensions

Destiny 2 has two enlargements of history in 2018 and none of them changed too much of the overall story, introduced both new characters and plot threads that will probably continue to coil out this year two. First, it was Curse of Osiris as the center of Vex activity on the planet Merkur. Your Guardian headed out there to see what was up and during a series of events that are not really worth recycling in detail, turn up tracking Osiris, a missing visionary Warlock who had been kicked out of Vanguard to be too strange. (Basically.)

Ikora, Osiris, and the host outside the gate of the infinite forest.

You spent most of the campaign with Osiris Ghost, Sagira, instead of your Ghost. She led you along as you moved through parallel time dimensions in a Vex construction called The Infinite Forest to stop a big Vex robot from, I do not know, rewrite all space and time or something. Only another in a host of threatening bosses who quit is simply to defeat. Curse of Osiris was quite disappointing at all, although it added a cool new "lair" to the Leviathan raid Leviathan, World of Eater

Next came Warmind which was an improvement over Osiris . The story was short; You can turn it on for less than an hour. It was entertaining enough while it lasted, though, and its shortness helped players quickly get to all the juicy games that the developers added. The story told the story of Anastasia (Ana) Bray whose family founded Clovis Bray company responsible for many of the Golden Age's technological marvels of Destiny ] vers.

Ana Bray is considering Rasputin's skyscraper-sized mindcore house, deep in the trash from Mars.

Ana was primarily concerned with Rasputin A terrible "Warmind" artificial intelligence placed on Mars was designed during the golden age to defend our solar system automatically from outside threats. Ana and Commander Zavala disagree with trusting Rasputin, but Ana eventually won, reestablishing Rasputin, and working out a relationship with it. The story ended on an unresolved note, and it seems that we meet Ana and Rasputin (get the reference?) This year two.

And that brings us up to Forsaken ] which means that all we have left is to cross the signs, places and concepts that are likely to be important to understand.

The Awoken, Queen, The Reef, and the Prison [19659019] I have not played any of Forsaken but Bungie has drawn information about the story, characters and setting for several months. Most of what I'm talking about below are things that are already established, but I base my assumptions about the upcoming history of trailers and blog posts. If you do not want to know anything about Forsaken this is your chance to stop reading.

The Forsaken will send us to Reef once more and set us up next to (and even against) The Awoken as well like their long-lasting enemies (and sporadic allies) The Fallen . Here's how I described both runs back in my original lore post, with a few small edits:

The Awoken is a mysterious race with blue-skinned people who originate from human colonists who attempted to escape the darkness during the collapse. They hesitated to get involved in humanity after The Collapse, but eventually they went to war with some of our common enemies. They live in The Reef a massive ring of broken colonization ships. They are kind of all jerks, but they are very beautiful. You can also play as Awoken in Destiny, although this choice does not affect the story at all.

A fallen vandal in Destiny 1.

The Fallen is a race with four armed bipedal hardasses running around with big knives. Before travelers came to earth, it lifted the fallen. They worshiped it and mounted a bump on the ground to try to get it back. The Fallen has a vague Nordic culture, each of which commits loyalty to a house (Devils House, Wolves House, etc.). The first Guardians fought a long and hard war against the Fallen when they sailed to the first city and won a number of legendary victories against them. The whole part of the Destiny story sounds very cool and it's too bad, we've never seen anything happen.

The story of The Cause will begin with our Guardians on their way to Reef to help Cayde-6 on mission. As Bungie has made clear, this mission will end with Cayde's death in the hands of a famous frenzy. The following story will be a revenge, as the surviving Vanguard works with our Guardian to get revenge for our fallen friend.

The Cause will introduce new characters like The Spider and The Drifter and you know as much about them as I do. However, a few characters from the first game will also make their debut for Destiny 2 and it will be useful to know who they are all and how they fit into the game's rules of the game.

Prince Wool aims.

The Prince Wool Sleep is a dick and has always been a dick. He is a prince of Awoken, and did some plays during the first game's main story campaign. He always hung around like King Shit of Turd Mountain, although he exposed his more sensible (but no less impressive) sister Queen, whose convictions he believed to be implicit. He used to lead the Queen's intelligence service, a mysterious group known as The Crows and tends to have crow effects associated with him. He returned at the beginning of 2015 The Taken King expansion, when he and the rest of the Awoken led a failed assault against the occupied king ship. It seemed as though he died, of course, no one dies in video games.

The wolves have not yet appeared in Destiny 2 although players could find their crashed ship under a mission on Mars introduced in Warmind indicating that he survived The Taken King . The wool will apparently be the main antagonist of Forsaken and many Destiny players are extremely psyched to take him down.

Queen Mara Sov was Wool's sister, and was the Queen of the Reef. She helped Guardian in the first Destiny and returned with her brother to guide Awoken's unsuccessful attempt to fight the occupied convention's attack. She was believed to have died in the attack, but just like her brother, subsequent missions have suggested that she still lives. It is not confirmed that she appears in Forsaken but it seems likely.

Patra Venj, seen in a Forsaken trailer.

Petra Venj is an intense loyal member of the Queen's Royal Guard, and a pretty cool customer. She was the main point of contact of the players during House of Wolves and she returns in Forsaken . She took the loss of the queen hard and refuses to give hope that she still lives. She will probably play an important role in the story of Forsaken and will probably hang around for the crediting roll. She has an eye patch. Her name sounds like "Pet Revenge" if you say it high.

Variks, The Loyal is a fake teacher who changed pages and now promises loyalty to Awoken and Queen Mara Sov. He was the commissioner of the House of Wolves and watched Elders prison. (More in a second.) Variks had previously been a member of the Fallen House of Wolves, but he betrayed their bloodthirsty leader, Skolas, who tried to become Kells of Kells. He later helped the Guardian to get Skola down. He is famous among Destiny players for his threatening cadence and wry humor. "Destroy mines, yessss?"

Skolas, Kell of Kells was a bad MFer like Destiny players fought and eventually killed during the House of Wolves extension. He was a big jerk and the fight against him was very difficult – a couple of friends and I was up to 7 o'clock to beat it the last week before Bungie reached the match. The morale of that story is, if something is ridiculously hard, maybe wait until it's born down. I'm not sure if Skolas is referred to in Forsaken but it seems worth knowing who he was.

Elder Prison is an Awoken correctional facility (lol) located in Reef. There they keep the Awoken the most dangerous prisoners from their different wars. They also determine some prisoners' fate with match attempts, which are in accordance with Fallen Traditions. In the first game, players got access to the prison to fight a variety of enemies, including Skola himself. In the beginning of Forsaken Prince Uldren organizes a prison violation of members of the false house Scorn for unknown reasons, drawing on Cayde's attention and starting the rest of the expansion's story. 19659056] There may be some things I've revealed or that the story of Forsaken might still let you wonder, but I guess it will explain the new things (The Dreaming City, The Scorn, other new characters or places) as it goes. Something something smart, final sentence goes here, the article is complete.

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