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All the known places of the X-4 Stormwing Plane in Fortnite (updated)

One of the most important new additions to this season of Fortnite is the X-4 Stormwing airplane that is scattered around the map.

These planes are incredibly powerful and equipped with a machine gun and a set of fancy maneuvers.

Finding a plane basically completely takes care of the storm, and even if you're shot down, it just means that you slide back to the map.

So now the question is: Where can I get one?

There are ten places I've discovered and are marked on the map below:

All known airports in Fortnite [19659007] Updates:

  • I2 east of risky (Thanks to WolvesFN and Brothers Fish on Twitter) [19659008] Some of these places house more than one plane with the maximum I've seen in one place, three, but there may be more.

    Clips that use the planes have already begun to appear, and TSM's HighDistortion went completely GTA with a hijacking in the air.

    Another good clips came in our Twitter response with Charlie Bolt who took off an absurd up-down snipe from the plane of the plane. Finally, a top ten flyer article will come and hold your best clips and send them to us.

    In no way is the map of a final list. I found somewhere on the frozen island while I was investigating a hidden rift, and there could be several random spots with single flights.

    If you come across a plane that is not marked on the map, add a photo or location to the comments, and I will post it.

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