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AirTags, AirPods, iMacs – What to Expect from an Apple Event or Release in March

Apple may hold a special event in March that may include ‘AirTags’, a new iPad Pro or other product launches. Here’s what might look like – or just be announced with a press release.

March is known as one of the earliest months of the year Apple usually holds a special event to unveil new products. Like the WWDC and Fall events, there is often speculation about the March event, including when it could take place and what Apple will launch.

Without any official confirmation from Apple before possibly a week before the event takes place, fans will have to rely on rumors and speculation about what Apple can reveal and release.

This is what you can probably expect to see at the event.

Will it be an event at all?

Rumors from February claimed that a headphone address for the hardware would take place on March 16. These allegations of leaks that are not known to offer accurate Apple rumors were then picked up by a South Korean publication, and were later quoted by other online stores.

Earlier reports in January also pushed the story that it would be a March event, emphasizing the idea of ​​an event taking place during the month.

Other hardware reports Apple would theoretically introduce at the event also included March as an ideal launch time.

By February 20, however, Mark Gurman had left Bloomberg doubts that it is an event at all. Posting on Twitter, he offered, “it will not end up being one.”

Although there is some disagreement about whether Apple will hold an event in March or not, previous events give hope that one can take place.

While the global pressure from COVID-19 made a 2020 event impractical for Apple, there is still a possibility that it will hold one in 2021.

If Apple holds an event, it’s likely to follow a similar format to the pre-recorded videos used for WWDC 2020 and the fall trilogy.


A concept image for Apple's AirTags'

A concept image for Apple’s AirTags’

The repeatedly rumored “AirTags” have been the subject of speculation for a number of previous incidents, but it has not yet done anything. Given rumors in early 2021, it seems more likely to do so during the event than it has done in the past.

“AirTags” are coin-sized trackers that you can attach to items that you fear you may place or lose. By using the same Find My app as to track a lost iPhone or iPad, the accessory can be used to keep track of where things are that do not have built-in tracking features.

Using a combination of Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband technology, the tokens’ position can be discovered publicly by other people’s iPhones. The encrypted ping will be reported back to the owner via iCloud, which can help with the move via the Find My app.

It is widely believed that “AirTags” can cost around $ 25 to $ 35 apiece. It will likely be accompanied by a wave of accessories, including keychain holsters and other ways to attach it to things you want to track.

A leaked pairing animation in January suggested what to expect from tokens when you first use them with your iPhone.

In March, the third iOS 14.5 beta included an “Items” tab for tracking non-Apple devices. The same beta also included the return of an anti-stalking feature, which would alert an iPhone user if they were wearing an “AirTag” that did not belong to them.

The appearance of these features in the beta definitely increases the chances of an upcoming “AirTags” launch at an event.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

Appears at previous March events, and an update to the iPad Pro seems like a strong candidate for the event. Updating the model one year after the last update seems to be fast, but quite likely for the model.

Rumors in January point to 11-inch and 12.9-inch models arriving in March, with largely unchanged designs. Of the more unusual changes may be an additional thickness of 0.5 mm to house a new backlight system.

It is claimed that the 12.9-inch model may be among the first Apple devices to use mini-LED backlighting. In theory, it could provide OLED level contrast and enhanced color reproduction versus LCD backlighting.

It is also assumed that the model can introduce an updated sound design with some description, but apparently with fewer speaker holes and updated speaker positions. The camera lenses on the back can also be adjusted so that they flush with the rest of the camera “shock”.

Ipad mini

Fifth generation iPad mini

Fifth generation iPad mini

The oldest iPad in Apple’s range, the iPad mini was last updated in March 2019, which would make it two years old when the March Apple event takes place. This makes it very likely to receive an upgrade to a sixth generation model based on the product’s lifetime alone.

It was claimed by Ming-Chi Kuo in May 2020 that a 9-inch iPad mini was on its way in early 2021.Macotakara repeated the rumor in January and refined the time frame for March.

The 7.9-inch screen is expected to be upgraded to 8.4-inch, but mounted in a narrower frame. Touch ID is likely to be retained in the sixth generation model, as well as the Lightning.

As usual, it will almost certainly receive an internal specification bump.

Apple Silicon iMac

A concept for an updated iMac

A concept for an updated iMac

Apple has a very aggressive two-year plan that they want to meet to roll out Apple Silicon across the product range. Given this tight time limit and the breadth of the product range, it seems plausible for Apple to use a March event to make more changes.

The big candidate for this launch is the 24-inch iMac, a version of the computer model that uses the M1 processor. There is a possibility that it is a newer chip, such as an “M1X” or “M2”, but there has not been much in the way of solid news for an upgraded processor outside of an alleged “pre-sample benchmark.”

It is believed to include a redesign of the main case to look more like the iPad Pro or Pro Display XDR. This will also involve the inclusion of improved cooling systems to create a much thinner unit.

The display, 24 inches in size, is believed to have a Retina pixel density and a 4K resolution. There has been a suggestion to go for the mini-LED for backlighting, but it remains to be seen.

Prices are likely to be about the same as Intel-based counterparts, starting at $ 1,299 to $ 1,799.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that an ARM-based iMac may be launched sometime in 2021, but not when. Given recent reports about Apple’s online store, it could happen pretty soon.

AirPods 3, AirPods X and AirPods Pro Lite

An alleged leaked image of 'AirPods 3'

An alleged leaked image of ‘AirPods 3’

Many rumors have suggested that there may be several different AirPods models on the way, covering a variety of uses, price ranges and functionality. It is likely that some or all will come to watch an upcoming event.

“AirPods 3” is believed to be closer to AirPods Pro in terms of design, complete with a change in the internal structure. Some rumors point to a change in the use of earplugs, but it is also possible that Apple will keep that feature for its Pro line.

Shorter stems have been touted, along with a preserved 5-hour battery life. Prices are expected to be around $ 199.

Confusingly, “AirPods Pro Lite” has also been touted as a future release. Rumor has it that it may provide some of the features of the Pro line in a cheaper form, such as replaceable earplugs, but not ANC.

However, it is also likely that it can only be “AirPods 3.”

“AirPods X” is definitely another product. As rumor has it, it is basically AirPods that take the form of semi-wireless Bluetooth earphones, in that a cable connects the two earplugs.

The model is intended for sports and running, and it may be intended to replace some of the same Beats lines. Similar functionality to AirPods is also offered, in addition to a $ 200 price tag.

Apple TV

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

Apple’s last update to Apple TV was in 2017, with the introduction of Apple TV 4K. It seems possible that an update for the device may be considered delayed, and a launch in March from the fall lineup may be quite likely for the device.

This can be twice as much if Apple uses the event to push its Apple TV + subscription.

Tentatively titled “Apple TV 6”, the model is believed to consist of a specification bump from Apple TV 4K, possibly using an A12Z or a similar newer chip. Such an improvement will strengthen its ability to play games for Apple Arcade, as well as other graphics-heavy apps.

Apple can bump up storage add-ons, increasing capacity to 64 GB and 128 GB. An updated Siri Remote that uses Ultra-Wideband is also on the cards, which can make moving a misplaced remote control much easier to find.

Prices are likely to be in line with existing Apple TV 4K, at $ 179 and $ 199, depending on capacity.

14-inch MacBook Pro

The 14-inch MacBook Pro would be smaller than the (pictured) 16-inch model.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro would be smaller than the (pictured) 16-inch model.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro is believed to be the total replacement for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and is expected to be a significant update to the product line. This includes not only internal changes but also external ones.

The model is believed to have the same physical dimensions as a 13.1-inch Retina display. There have been rumors that it could use mini-LED backlighting to improve the contrast with local dimming, as well as power efficiency.

The Touch Bar is expected to accommodate a physical Escape key, to match the rest of the Magic Keyboard MacBooks. It is unclear whether Apple will stick to the same two or four Thunderbolt 3 ports in the model, or whether it will go and use a different amount altogether.

The one thing that downplays the probability is the chip, as it is assumed that it may contain an “M1X” or “M2” processor instead of the M1 of the first Apple Silicon wave. Since an upgraded M-Series chip appears to be premature after the launch of the original models, and credible news on the updated chip is sparse, it seems more likely for Apple to release the model later in 2021.

Apple Card Extension

The iPhone interface for the Apple Card

The iPhone interface for the Apple Card

The Apple card has been an undoubted hit for Apple since its launch, but how can you innovate in the concept? For Apple, rumors point in two different directions.

The first way is by expanding to other territories, as it currently only operates in the United States. The most obvious route is to expand to Canada.

On January 25, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office approved trademark applications for Apple Card and Apple Cash. This is certainly a sign Apple is considering moving north, but it’s just one of many steps it must take.

There is no word on whether Apple has talked to other card issuers or financial institutions in the country to collaborate on the card, making it difficult to judge when it could be launched. In 2019, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple Card will enter more countries, but stopped saying when.

The second route is one that is more likely to be launched. The first beta developer for iOS 14.5 appeared to include references to multi-user Apple Card support, suggesting that Apple may allow the account to be shared with another as a shared account.

Since it is not a hardware product and is a minor upgrade instead of a launch, it is quite likely that these may be press release updates that do not require an event.

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