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After 3 years Final Fantasy 7 Remake is still not active

Square Enix is ​​working on Final Fantasy 7 Recovery for many years. However, the studio has not revealed much about the game. Now Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that Until Kingdom hearts 3 releases, do not expect to see anything related to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

During a recent fan Q & A session for World Ends With You: Final Remix, a fan Tetsuya Nomura asked when fans will play remake.

According to Tetsuya, he works with both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. He noted that he is focusing on KH3 at the moment. When Tetsuya has completed his work on the game, he will focus on Final Fantasy Restoration.

"Maybe not everyone is aware of this, but I'm working on a recovery of Final Fantasy VII … [laughs]. I'm focusing on Kingdom Hearts III at the moment, but when done, I'll be on my way over

Kingdom Hearts 3 is released in January 201

9, which is just a few months away. This means that KH3 releases, the studio will go into full production at Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Square Enix announced the recovery back in 2015 on E3. Since then Square Enix has been most quiet about the game, but rumors and leaks have kept us in the run of the FF7 Remake.

Tetsuya also suggested a possible release of a final title for Final Fantasy 7 reuptake. According to Tetsuya, he talked to the game producer about this, but has not yet decided.

I have thought of ideas for Remake's release, and just talked with producer Yoshinori Kitase about it today. We have many of the old guys are thinking about Any kind of developments that can accompany Remake in any form. If we may be able to do some form of compilation title. At the moment, wait for the Final Fantasy VII tour.

Not only that Square Enix develops recovery as an action game instead of an action RPG.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is an action adventure game in development on Square Enix. The game will start as an exclusive PlayStation 4.

Source : Siliconera

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