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Acer's last 17-inch Swift is Super Dang Tiny

Screenshot: Gizmodo (Acer)

On the CES road back in January, Acer Swift 7 announced that it had produced the thinnest 17-inch notebook ever. But once in the last eight months, Acer has taken the Swift 7 girl because, while the boy is apparently the same, Swift 7 announced much more on this morning at a press conference in Berlin. [19659003] Acer claims that the new Swift 7 is less than 10 mm thick, which is below .39 inches. It also claims the new Swift 7 weights less than 1 kilogram, or 2.2 pounds. These specifications may still seem as much if you're used to buying small 13 inch laptops that are usually so thin and lightweight, but Swift 7, which comes with an 8-generation Intel i7 processor, is a 17-inch laptop.

Swift 7 advertised on CES is on the left. The new Swift 7 is on the right.
Screenshot: Gizmodo (Acer)

17 inch laptops have been mostly ignored by portable manufacturers as they drive to make their 13-inch and 15-inch machines even smaller. The trimmer cuts to nothing and strives to make these machines as thin as possible while 17-inch laptops hold their big chopper and thick midriffs. And I do not owe laptop makers. 17-inch laptops still need to pack a 17-inch monitor inside. They will never be small enough to fall in a purse or slip into smaller backpacks or suitcases. You will not necessarily be able to put a 17-inch laptop in your lap when you drive economy on an airplane.

But you do not want to try this new Swift 7. The unit shown at the press conference is so small it looks like a toy!

It looks like a toy! Although the look in this picture makes me think this could have been a lookup with a plastic or cardboard screen, and not the final product.
Screenshot: Gizmodo (Acer)

If you're like me and curious about when you can actually get your hands on this device yourself, you'll have to wait. At this time, Acer has not stated when it will be available or how much it will sell for. It has not even revealed specifications beyond the 8th Generic i7 CPU. But when we look at earlier Swift 7's we can conclude that the new product will start at around $ 1500 and want a Y series processor (as Intel just announced yesterday), and probably a 1080p screen.

We have reached Acer for more details and will update should we hear back. [YouTube via The Verge]

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