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Acer says global shortage of chips will produce laptop bottlenecks by at least 2022

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Facing an ongoing global chip shortage, Acer, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laptops, warns that production will remain the bottleneck until at least the first or second quarter of next year.

In an interview with Guardian Australia published Monday, Acer CEO Tiffany Huang said that any day, the company “can only fill 50% of global demand.”

“It will continue to be slow until the first quarter or second quarter of next year,” she said. “We have a serious shortage, and it’s not just about making sure every family has a unit to use, but everyone has to have a unit to work or educate.”

She noted that the covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the shortage. When the world went into lockdown last year, a wave of recent telecommuters and trapped people unleashed a barrage of consumer gadgets such as laptops and webcams. Car sales also increased as the pandemic made people (understandably) less likely to use public transportation. The largest component manufacturers have struggled with growing backlogs and supply chain problems, and have warned that the global shortage of chips is unlikely to give up anytime soon, effectively bottlenecks any industry that relies on graphics cards or processors for its products.

Given all this, the Huang Guardian told Australia that Acer focused its focus last year on its education product portfolio as opposed to its gaming products.

“We sent millions of education units last year [and] this year, ”she told the outlet. “It’s simply because we believe that people really deserve a right to be able to continue living and learning.”

Last week, Acer unveiled a new series of game laptops, PCs, and Chromebook scheduled to come out later this year. But given the company Struggling to secure chips for their products, do not be surprised if the deadline is pushed back. Sony, which is in the same boat, has warned that it will probably not be able to meet the demand for its PlayStation 5 console 2022. Meanwhile, In February, chipmaker Nvidia announced plans to release some of its older GPUs to board partners so they can release new hardware.

“We only meet market demand which is still extremely high,” said a company spokesman PCWorld at the time.

Even now, months later, that is still the reality chipmakers are struggling with. And it does not seem that this deficiency will give up for a while.

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