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Acer falls victim to $ 50 million Ransomware Attack

(Photo credit to read ROB ENGELAAR / AFP / Getty Images)

Taiwanese computer maker Acer is facing a ransomware attack by the REvil group.

According to Bleeping Computer, REvil is demanding $ 50 million from Acer. The company reportedly has until March 28 to send the funds before the alleged stolen data leaks. Bleeping Computer reports that REvil offered Acer a 20% discount on the payment they wanted to squeeze out of the company if the money was transferred by Wednesday 17 March.

Although there are few details about what really happened, there is some information about how it could have happened. The group may have pulled off the attack using the “Hafnium”

; vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange. Data from Advanced Intel’s Andariel cyberintelligence platform was able to link possible breach to the Microsoft Exchange hack problem. Although Microsoft had worked to release a simple update for the issue, that does not mean that it has been completely deleted. The software giant explained that the update would only work against attacks that had already occurred and may not be a panacea for resolving future hacks.

When we spoke to Bleeping Computer, Acer was reluctant to call the problem a ransomware attack. Instead, the company stated that it had “reported recent abnormal situations observed to relevant police and data protection authorities in several countries.”

The REvil group made headlines in 2020 when it launched a $ 6 million ransomware attack on the money transfer service Travelex. It is unclear the extent of the potential damage that the group has done with their latest stunt, or the exact terms of what kind of data may have been broken.

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