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A Samsung Galaxy A21 smartphone caught fire on a plane

An Alaska Airlines plane was evacuated Monday night after a smartphone on the plane caught fire, reports Seattle Times (via The Verge). A Seattle Harbor spokesman said the device that was burned was a Samsung Galaxy A21.

samsung galaxy a21
In another email Seattle TimesA spokesman for the Port of Seattle said the phone was “burned without recognition”, but the passenger who owned the device provided details about the model. “We could not confirm this by looking at the remains of the device,” the spokesman said.

The flight crew extinguished the fire with a battery bag, but smoke forced the deployment of the evacuation glasses. The smartphone did not catch fire until the plane landed at the airport in Seattle-Tacoma. 128 passengers and six crew members were transported by bus to the terminal, and there were no serious injuries.

On Twitter, a passenger who was on the plane said that the burning smartphone was “like a smoking machine”.

There are often isolated incidents where mobile phones caught fire after problems with the battery, but for this reason the problem can be remarkable when Samsung in 2016 was forced to recall the Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries.

At the time, there were several reports that Note 7 devices exploded or caught fire while charging, and the device was eventually banned from all aircraft and flights in the United States.

There have been no signs that the Galaxy A21 is facing a similarly widespread problem at this time.

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