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A new monster ASUS Chromebook Flip appears in the 14-inch CX5400

In a move that is both surprising and a bit confusing, ASUS has unveiled yet another new Chromebook with a name that is far too similar to an already launched device here in 2021. If you remember, ASUS appeared at CES 2021 with a few new Chromebooks and one of them (our favorite so far) was the ASUS Chromebook Flip CX5. Technically, this Chromebook also goes by the name Flip CX5500 and / or Flip C536, depending on where you search. Anyway, this big 15.6-inch Chromebook is a great device that we liked very much, but it was not the ASUS Flip successor we expected at all.

Going all the way back to the Flip C302, ASUS has made it a habit to release a new 1

3-14-inch convertible every year. Flip C434, C433 and C436 will quickly think of us as previous convertibles we have been excited about from the company. When CES came and went with only the larger 15.6-inch Flips that were unveiled, we were again a little confused. My gut still told me it was a proper 14-inch convertible in the works, and it turns out we were right. It seems that ‘Collis’ has actually emerged as a more standard ASUS Chromebook Flip successor (based on the ‘Copano’ board), and it comes with a jaw-dropping specification sheet and a price that is pretty good considering everything you got in the box.


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