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A Ferrari is coming to Fortnite

Epic Games is teaming up with Ferrari to bring one of the carmaker’s legendary sports cars Fortnite, the two companies announced on Thursday. (They teased the collaboration on Wednesday.) Fortnite is already known for its celebrity and brand collaboration, but the Ferrari that comes to the game, the 296 GTB hybrid sports car, is the first licensed car to appear in the hugely popular Battle Royale shooter.

Cars have become a staple in the game since they were added almost a year ago, but until now they have all been generic representations of different types of cars, such as a sedan, a truck and yes, even a sports car. Epic says that Ferrari will play like other cars in Fortnite but sounds like what you would hear from the real car. If you are not familiar with the Ferrari 296 GTB and would like to see one up close, check out the Ferrari configurator for the car, which is powered by the Epics Unreal Engine.

Fortnite is not the only Battle Royale shooter with licensed cars. PUBG: Mobile just added to Teslas, including Model Ys that drive you to preset markers and self-propelled Tesla Semis that carry combat supplies.

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