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A 90-inch 4K screen from 2 inches away

Gone are the days when a projector needed to sit across the room from the wall. Now they can get closer than ever. In fact, someone can work from just inches away. Of course, there is enough space on the market for projectors such as the BenQ TK800 that require more space, but it's nice to see that the field is evolving.

LG has just revealed a shockingly impressive projector that actually sits just inches from the wall where it will display the screen. In fact, just two inches from the wall, the new projector in LG's CineBeam can project a 90-inch screen. And for anyone thinking of 90-inch screen real estate, moving the CineBeam HU85L laser projector back to just seven inches away is not enough to provide a massive 1

20-inch display.

More information about CineBeam Hu85L

As mentioned, the most important thing to make this projector stand out from the crowd is how close it can be to the wall. LG calls the technology that enables this to work "Ultra Short Throw (UST)." This is great because it allows the projector to be used in small rooms where it moves a few feet back, just not an option. It also allows a cleaner aesthetics, since it does not have to be a large projector hanging from the ceiling and wires passing from the projector to the input devices.

Another thing that makes this projector worth a new look is the support of 4K resolution.

 LG's new projector: A 90-inch 4K screen from 2 inches away from CES CineBeam 4 [19659002] The unit emits 2500 ANSI lumens of brightness. To put it in perspective, the LG HF85JA has an effect of 1,500 ANSI lumens, so this year's model promises to be quite brighter.

For connections, the CineBeam HU85L USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports. It also includes LG's ThinQ AI for voice commands, which should make navigation around the projector much more comfortable. It has the same features as a smart TV, so it will run all of the streaming applications and other services that users expect from an advanced device.

When will CineBeam Hu85L Launch?

Unfortunately, when LG announced the new projector, it didn't say when it would be available and for how much. However, we are only a few weeks away from CES, which is when we expect LG to provide the rest of the information.

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