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9 Outriders Tips You Should Remember

Outriders, the new shooter / RPG hybrid from developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix, is out now. If you just pick up the game, you’ll probably notice that it’s pretty straightforward, and there’s not too much complexity to deal with. That said, there are a few features and mechanics that the game quickly shines over or never explains, and they are quite useful. So we’ve outlined nine tips below to help you become a top-ranked Outrider.

In addition to these tips, we have put together many other Outriders guides. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for more information about Outriders, which is available for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia. (The game can also be played via Xbox Game Pass.)

Outriders Guides

Lead With A Punch

Sure, you have a lot of incredible superpowers in Outriders, but each class has a pretty devastating melee attack as well. All melee attacks have a secondary effect: Devastator causes bleeding, Pyromancers burns, Trickster causes slow, and Technomancers causes frostbite. In a pinch, these melee attacks can save you when you are leaning against a wall and waiting for one of your abilities to charge, but their primary use is offensive. And sometimes there is no better way to start your attack than to run straight towards the enemy camp.

When you use a melee attack while sprinting, your character will jump in the air and slam on the ground to deliver an explosive effect ̵

1; a powerful opening move to any attack, especially if you play like the thought -like Devastator or rogue-like Trickster and want to get close and personal no matter what.

There’s always a better gun

In Outriders you will find loot all the time, and the game does a very good job of dripping feed better and better firearms and armor. Just keep selling old equipment and equipment the more powerful early on. This will not only help you put on the mini-bosses and bosses with the ideal level of power, but will allow you to experiment with many different types of weapons. Do not get too attached to anything – trust us, there is nothing you will find in the early game you want 10 hours in.

Reduce reuse recycling

After the intro chapters of Outriders, you will unlock the craft. Here you should start paying some attention to what you are looting. Keep upgrading to the best you have, but when you find rare or epic items (or, if you are very lucky, legendary things), take the time to look at the fashion they have. When these weapons and armor are no longer able to sniff, dismantle them instead of selling them. This will give you the maturity of these items, which you can then make on a rare or epic weapon or armor you find.

Loot is good, but it could be better

Remember to modify your equipment often. Although some mods have general benefits such as getting health back on kills or adding burns to your weapons, many of them are aimed at taking advantage of specific buildings. You do not have to wait until the playoffs to start creating your favorite style of play. Every time you drop an old piece of equipment for something new (which you have to do all the time), take the opportunity to create your favorite modes on your new piece of equipment so that you can continue to dominate with your ideal style of play.

For example, if you are a trickster and prefer to use Temporal Blade over Cyclone Slice, it makes no sense to equip gloves with Healing Slice mod (receive health for every enemy killed with Cyclone Slice) over gloves with Slasher mod (Temporal Blade) can be used twice before cooling) regardless of whether the former is a higher power level than the latter. But through making, you can transfer the courage of the second pair of gloves to the first pair – now you have the best of both worlds, more powerful armor and a courage that will actually benefit you. Assuming you continue to sell all the equipment you do not need, and take a few seconds to acquire resources when you come across them on assignment, you will be swimming in craft supplies. Just keep modifying your equipment.

Torment & Agony are powerful legendary guns that ideally fit Trickster's hit-and-run style of play.
Torment & Agony are powerful legendary guns that ideally fit Trickster’s hit-and-run style of play.

Slide To The Loot

If you are at all worried about missing out on stolen goods, you can turn on Outriders’ auto-loot feature. Open the options menu and navigate to the game tab, where you will see a slider that you can adjust to decide what type of weapon and armor you want to loot automatically.

Maintain your privacy

By default, Outriders will allow all players to participate in your game. If you do not want people to randomly jump into your game, you need to adjust your privacy options. Open the options menu and go to the game tab. From here you should see an option to change the game’s privacy. You can adjust it so that only your friends on the selected hardware can join your game or close the game completely, and require people to get an invitation from you to join.

Respect yourself

When you go up, you unlock points that you can invest in a triangular skill tree. You will not be able to unlock enough points to purchase each skill across all three branches, but do not sweat things too much. Not only can you respect your skill points whenever you want, you can do so freely. So experiment with different skills and see what can work best for the chosen building.

On top of that, you can respect your skill tree to help your looting game when you go for better equipment. Certain skills in each class’ skill tree enhance your character with certain weapons and allow them to more easily find those weapons. For example, the Trickster’s Assassin’s tree is filled with skills that increase class efficiency up close and help Trickster more easily find the guns to destroy a shop up close, like the Shotgun Master .

Given how well Technomancer excels at long range, you should unlock the class' Sniper Master skill as soon as possible.
Given how well Technomancer excels at long range, you should unlock the class’ Sniper Master skill as soon as possible.

If you are curious, all four classes have a skill that helps them grow assault weapons (Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Submachine Guns, and Double Guns). However, only Devastator and Trickster can help them grow shotguns (Pump Action Shotguns and Automatic Shotguns), and only Pyromancer and Technomancer have the skill to help them grow rifles and snipers (Marksman Rifles, Automatic Sniper Rifles, and Bolt Action Rifles).

Change The World, Tear S ** t Up

Just because you unlock a new World Tier, does not mean you always have to play on that World Tier. You should play at the highest world level you have unlocked as often as possible just to make sure you still get prey drops that will increase your power level. But if you are stuck in a fight, just lower the world level, get past it and then raise the world level again afterwards. There is no penalty for doing so, and it’s better than frustrating to throw yourself at the same part of the game longer than you need to.

Claim secular rewards

Every time you unlock a new world level, you get a new reward. To accept the reward, you must open the World Tier menu – it does not unlock automatically. Early on, your rewards are not much to write home about, as they are mostly rare equipment or resources. However, you will eventually start to get epic and legendary looting. So do not forget to claim the rewards for unlocking some powerful mid- and late-game equipment.

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