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6 paid iPhone apps you can download free July 25th – BGR

If you still have space on iPhone or iPad after you've installed all the great apps we've shown you lately, you'll be glad that a new, new roundup is here to show today's best paid iOS paper on sale for free. We have six fresh apps on sale to check out on Wednesday, and there are also a few freebies in yesterday's post if you missed it.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited period of developers. BGR is not affiliated with any developers. There is no way to tell how long they get free. These sales may end an hour from now or a week from now – obviously, all we can guarantee is that they were free when this post was written. If you click a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word "goat" it is no longer available. The sale has ended. If you still download the app, you will be charged by Apple. Subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published and you will avoid missing sales we cover.

Wordd ̵
1; Dictionary

Usually $ 0.99.

TFW, TMI, TIL, TLDR, FTFO If you did not know the meaning of any of the above, you should download Wordd right now!

An iOS app is designed to let users quickly view definitions of words, acronyms, abbreviations and snakes. The app shows official definitions as well as entries from Urban Dictionary users, which makes it very useful to look up snake and trendy abbreviations like TIL, TLDR, NSFW … etc.

Features include:

– Displays both the The official definition and user-generated definitions from Urban Dictionary appear (if they exist) when a word is searched.

– Touch the searched word to get a sexy robot to read it aloud.

– Shake your device or tap random icon to search for a random word.

– Get automatic spelling in the same way if the wrong spelling is detected.

– Get automatic synonyms by word definitions if they are found.

– History tab that gives users access to previously searched words! (Pro)

– Shake for random SAT words. (Pro)

– Shake for random Urban Dictionary words. (Pro)

Download Wordd – Dictionary

let's lead – led banner app

Usually $ 0.99.

Let's Guide turns your iPhone / iPad into a ticker screen. a clock, and with over 100 symbols you can send any message you want.

Download led led banner app


Usually $ 1.99.

Barcode is the fastest, most accurate and user-friendly QR reader and barcode scanner for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is from the manufacturers of the award-winning ProCamera app – the photographer's app – and it offers the same level of sophistication and quality. Download it today for free.

Use barcode for pure recognition, for price comparison with Amazon, or immediately browse the web for the scanned information. Use its ability to directly use the data of any code you are scanning: You can add calendar events to your calendar, vCard information in your address book, or open maps to show a place – all with just one click. You can also easily share search results on Twitter and Facebook or via email and text.

Open the app and just point the device to the code! Complete automatic recognition.

Barcode will provide appropriate actions according to the content:
– Contacts: Add new contact or add individual fields to existing contacts
– Call Phone Number
– Add Event to Calendar
– Copy to clipboard
– Open Location in Map
– Open URL
– Open YouTube Link
– Open iTunes Link
– Open App Store Link
– Call or send SMS to a phone number
– Send email
– View WiFi credentials: Copy and paste SSID, network type and password to iOS Settings App
– Show EAN or ISBN: Search Products in Amazon or Web Safari / Chrome )
– Integrated Facebook Integration: Mail to Wall
– Integrated Twitter Integration: Send Tweets

On devices with flash, the app gives a torchlight with adjustable intensity.

You can even define a custom URL action to use this app for your own special pu

Unlike competing apps, this scanner can scan ALL common types of codes that come from the known QR- codes, AZTEC, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-E, UPC-A, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, I-25, CODE39 (3of9), CODE128, to Data Matrix codes!

Download barcode


Usually $ 1.99.

Coyn – Simple, safe and stylish way to manage your cash balance. Introduction of the new feature: Coyn Share.
• Manage your money as if nothing else.
• A brand new experience to handle your daily expenses.
• Be the only one to track your cash expenses and earnings.
• Traveling a lot? No problem! Use Coyn to track all your cash expenses and focus on your adventures!
• Never lose an overview of where and how you spent your money
• Improve your financial well-being by defining budget and achieving goals
– Use the "Coyn Pin" feature to pin categories that are important to you and get them on the main screen to help you stay on the budget
– Premium users have unlimited accounts to manage their cash balance
– the 3D Touch feature that allows users to add expenses / deserve quickly and also see the balance immediately.
– Secure Your Coyn Using Fingerprints

Use Coyn Share to:
– Managing Expenses From Your Travel With Friends
– Report Your Expenses to Your Manager
– Pay the flow / rent to your roommate Your
– Split bills in the restaurant
– or just pay your friend for the cold beer!

– "Keep Money and Your Coyn in Your Pocket."

Sim plicity:
Coyn is about efficiency. We spent days and nights testing the ease of use of Coyn so you can experience the unique user interface and Enjoy managing your money. Just wrap up to add costs and swipe down to add revenue!

Coyn respects your privacy and will never allow your data to be posted on websites, bank accounts or We do not require you to sign in or add your bank accounts. With Coyn, you can focus on saving money and being on top of your cash expenses and earnings and stop worrying about privacy and accounts FOREVER!

Coyn is the most powerful tool for anyone who uses money for daily expenses or even has cash income (gift vouchers, pocket money, etc.).
If you travel with money or want to track business and personal expenses, Coyn will be your best friend!

In our latest version, we presented "Coyn Store". Every day, we handle the best products from Amazon (more stores and resources coming soon) tailored to the tastes of our users using our smart, built-in Ai. Touch Coyn Shop in Coyn app and discover amazing deals every day.

Emojis is here and takes over Coyns categories! Now it's time to personalize your cash expense categories by using your favorite comics and personal touch with them

Download Coyn

Wallpaper of Harry Potter

Usually $ 0.99.

Background For Harry Potter
Here you will find fan art, pictures, paintings and pictures to make your home and locks!
We only choose high quality wallpapers to fit perfectly on the retina. HD background is optimized for all iPhone and iPad devices.

– Optimal function of recommended wallpapers.
– Easy functionality to maximize your browsing experience
– Incredible photo filter to customize wallpapers for location
– Integrated Intelligent Filters
– Save wallpapers directly to camera roll.

Download wallpaper To Harry Potter


Usually $ 3.99.

"Fantastic for the Imagination" – AppAdvice

"If you have not heard of Wunderverse, it's as good time as ever to check it out." – TouchArcade

Wunderverse is a place for endless adventure. Out there you can explore and create unlimited interactive adventure songs in a fun, new environment designed for your imagination.

– A complete platform for interactive storytelling adventures on iOS and Mac
– Collecting and exploring adventures written and imagined by others
– Create your own absorbent interactive adventures through a new form of storytelling
– Take advantage of a rich rules system with over 75 unique events, outcomes and conditions, plus unlimited skills, abilities and more for you to weave play the chance and choice in every adventure you create.
– Imagine countless places, characters and objects for the players to discover through an open story environment
– Share experiences with friends to explore
– Publish your adventures to everyone in Wunderverse to play!

Wunderverse was designed as a way for everyone to play, create and share exciting adventure stories with countless places to discuss you, characters to meet, mysteries to solve and treasures to find.

No programming skills are required to create and enjoy your own experiences in Wunderverse. Through a fun and versatile regulatory system and an open-tale environment, you can set endless obstacles and challenges for players to overcome as they explore your stories – all based on the actions the players take, what they wear, their current relationships, their skills and abilities, random coincidence and a myriad of other possibilities that make quests so much fun.

Currently there are eight famous worlds in Wunderverse, where exciting adventures can be created, shared and enjoyed. These include medieval times, ancient ruins, 40 crime noir, a post-apocalyptic future, atomic space, a big city and more. And Wunderverse is a great constellation! Various and interesting new worlds are bound to be discovered soon.

What are you waiting for? Come and explore in Wunderverse!

Download Wunderverse

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