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5 reasons why Pixel 4a should be your next device [Video]

The Pixel 5a is certainly on the horizon, but until a time when Google unveils the next affordable Android, the Pixel 4a is still a superb smartphone filled with amazing features.

From an outside perspective, the Pixel “a” series is without a doubt the most interesting in the entire Made by Google smartphone series. You get a pretty significant portion of what makes Pixel phones so great, but without the associated costs. Sure, some things are missing, but you get some extra bonuses – like the 3.5mm headphone port.

You probably should not sleep on Pixel 4a, even if a follow-up in the form of Pixel 5a is on the horizon. But why? Let̵

7;s investigate some reasons why you might want to consider getting Pixel 4a.

Video – Pixel 4a: 5 reasons why it should be your next Android smartphone

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Price (obvious reason no. 1)

There are two major and fairly obvious reasons why you might want to pick up the Pixel 4a. The entry fee of $ 350 is one of these key factors. The Pixel 3a started at $ 399, and while it was a great device, the Pixel 4a picks right where it left off, improves on a few key areas and then lowers the entry price by $ 50. It’s a no-brainer if you want one. smartphone that “just works.”

Apple actually threw the glove with the release of the iPhone SE in mid-2020, and so the Pixel 4a came in at the same price with some significant benefits, proved that Google’s own budget unit can offer things that the SE simply can not. The hardware alone charges the $ 350 price tag, with premium details often associated with upper midrange and advanced hardware.

Performance is another area that is surprisingly slippery and slippery. It is easy to reject a “cheap” phone because of the perception that you will face delays and poor performance. Sure, things are a little slower to load than the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, but at no time will you be left – save 5G connectivity and in terms of some gaming performance. It is a good value package that has a little taste of everything without having to compromise in the core area that 4a shines – the Pixel experience.

Camera (obvious reason no. 2)

Of course, the second most obvious reason why you download Google Pixel 4a is for the insanely good camera. It is true that you may not get as many lens options and therefore a clear lack of focal lengths, but with end results that in many cases exceed some flagship devices, it is impossible to really complain about the still images that Pixel 4a can produce.

The Sony IMX 363 sensor can get a little long in the tooth, but there is no denying that Google’s virtually magical finish gives results that look sharp, clean and contrast-heavy. Still photos taken with this smartphone camera are among the very best. Portrait mode alone is one reason to pick Pixel 4a over devices with the same price, while Night Sight mode for low light is still sublime.

As a simple point-and-shoot, it’s arguably the best out there in the $ 400 price range.


Small phones become big and large phones become completely massive, which puts the Pixel 4a in a strange position. Although we do not want to say that the 4a is “small” in the traditional sense, it is nice and quite compact thanks to the 5.8-inch frame. Unfortunately, if you want something similar to the iPhone 12 Mini, beyond the honestly fun Unihertz Jelly 2, your choices are narrow.

Make no mistake though, Pixel 4a is great if you do not want a phablet. The form factor is the smallest at the end of the 2020 Pixel series, and that’s probably enough for most people out there. Provided you have average hands, you should have no real problems using the Pixel 4a with one hand. The upcoming one-handed mode in Android 12 will help with some of the screen’s extremities, but it’s a manageable size that fits most out there.


FHD + screens are a bit more common on budget devices of late, and the Pixel 4a has a hell of a panel. First, this is not an LCD screen. This is probably a huge relief for many people out there, as it means features that are always on display are present.

There is also a very good AMOLED panel. A shame is the lack of a high refresh rate, but unlike other affordable Android devices with a high refresh rate – like the OnePlus Nord – there are no such issues with colorcast or color tones. 60Hz is pretty good for smaller screens, but we hope that future affordable Pixel devices will get an upgrade with Smooth Display included.

The brightness level is good, which means that you should not have problems using Pixel 4a in even direct sunlight. The lack of large frames is also something that really helps immersion when watching videos and only generally interacts with 4a. It’s a pleasure to use, and the screen is the very core of the package here.

Android 12

We have mentioned the pricing, but can you imagine any other affordable Android device that will be updated to Android 12 on the day it is available other than Pixel 4a? It is highly likely that there is zero – save Pixel 3a.

Fast software update and upgrade is at the heart of the entire Pixel series, and 4a is no different. You can even go ahead and turn on Android 12 Developer Preview on your device right now, which is only available for six (yes, 6) other Android devices available right now. Not even the $ 1000 + Galaxy S21 Ultra can be updated to the latest version of the operating system quite quickly.

If you appreciate software and only want to be updated as soon as every OS iteration is available, just download a Pixel 4a. When we still see devices that come with Android 10, Pixel 4a really puts the running development of Android 12 in perspective.

Why should I buy Pixel 4a?

Pixel 4a is without a doubt the best Pixel phone to date. We say that as it packs all the software goodness and adds a little flavor with a smaller size, great unibody design and uncomplicated experience. You are also offered a 3.5 mm headphone port, plus a battery that lasts all day without causing anxiety. It’s just an all-rounder that at $ 350 is a real snip.

Where can I get the best deal on Pixel 4a?

Pixel 4a may be cheap at $ 349, but it can be had for even less with limited sales and promotions. Visible Power has the best direct deal with some freebies, including a $ 150 credit-charged Mastercard and Fire TV Stick for $ 336. With activation, you can pick up Pixel 4a for $ 299 at Best Buy. You can also pick it up directly from the Google Store and Amazon for $ 349 – although Amazon is offering a package with an official case for $ 388.99.

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