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5 reasons why Chromecast with Google TV is worth buying

Chromecast with Google TV has quickly become one of the best streamers on the market thanks to the new and improved interface, but it also has some great features and reasons to have one at the heart of your home entertainment system.

Features that make it a must-buy for many people who just want a home entertainment system include support for all of their favorite platforms, a little extra tampering and all the benefits of the Cast system.

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Remote control (obvious)

For many years, people complained that Chromecast did not have a dedicated remote control. It’s amazing how much difference a basic remote control makes to the overall experience. Google’s idea that your smartphone is the best remote control available at any time was a noble idea, but in reality, a dedicated, tangible remote control is just a natural way to interact with your TV.

The remote control is small, but the curved shape means that it is comfortable to hold while the D-Pad is perfectly positioned for navigation. It’s not overloaded with extra controls and buttons, but the addition of dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons are both useful and annoying at the same time. One of the biggest reasons why the new Chromecast with Google TV remote control is so useful is that it comes with an IR blaster.

You can use the remote control to control not only the Google TV interface, but your entire home entertainment center. The Google TV settings allow you to program the power, input, and volume buttons to control the TV directly or a sound bar. The long wait for a remote control has definitely been worth it.


Google knocked it out of the park and offers its latest streamer for under $ 50. This is probably one of the main reasons why Chromecast with Google TV will be a resounding success. The closest competitors in terms of price will be Roku and Amazon Fire TV sticks, but only the latter offers something remotely close to Google’s latest dongle.

Game streaming

Due to game streaming services like Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now, you have a reason to download Chromecast with Google TV for gaming. The ongoing lack of Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 means that cloud games can allow you to play some of the biggest and best games without the need for an expensive (or priced) console.

You can play with any existing controls you already own, making it even easier to get started. You need a fairly fast and stable internet connection to enjoy online games in the highest quality. However, you are not dependent on a box or console in your living room, you make the Chromecast a fairly advanced gaming system without any real overhead.


One of the only frustrating areas of the new Chromecast is the poor 4GB of storage on board. Fortunately, because it’s Android TV based, you can use a USB-C dongle to add more storage space and connect to a full range of supported accessories.

There is virtually no limit to how many accessories you can connect. Be it game controllers, keyboards, wireless mice and even external storage. This opens up a world of options that turn a fairly standard streamer into a more powerful home entertainment device.

New Google TV interface

Google’s big game to take over your living room has been the brand new Google TV interface. It’s currently exclusive to Chromecast with Google TV, and while you can argue that the user interface technically includes ads for specific shows and services, it’s excellent for content discovery and use of multiple streaming services.

Integrating with your watchlist means you can customize and set recommendations from any browser when you search Google for your favorite shows and movies. In addition to the added benefit of Google Assistant, you can use the power of your voice, not only to find shows and YouTube content, but you can control your smart home directly from the TV.

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