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5 Huge Destiny 2 Changes Live After Latest Update: Xur, Guns, Infusion, More

While Destiny 2's biggest DLC expansion so far, Forsaken, is still a few days away, there are lots of new things to check out in the game right now. Bungie has released a big update for all players to prepare the game for Forsaken. It's not only big in terms of file size – it weighs around 35GB – but it has a meaningful impact on how the game is played now.

Many new features and adjustments will not be activated until Cause Releases September 4, but if you plan to buy it, you can start the game and experience some big differences today. There are many tweaks to individual weapons, weapon types, benefits and classes, as you can read about in the full update notes. For a primer of what to expect next time you start the game, it's a quick overview of some of the biggest and most important changes in update 2.0. And remember that you can potentially do it without giving the game, as Destiny 2 is an early PS Plus freebie for September.

Update: To expand things further, Xur has come and he works a little differently than usual. As we knew from the update notes, he no longer appears on the map, nor does he go where the current Flashpoint is. More specifically, the exotic armor he sells currently offers new benefits over existing versions, giving you a reason to buy them even if you already own these pieces.

Voperspill and Ammo Overhaul

As before, you have three weapons fitted at a time, but the exact traces of these weapons have changed completely. You are no longer restricted to having a weapon using Primary ammunition in the Kinect slot and one using Energy ammo in the Energy Track. You can theoretically have two weapons, both of which use Primary ammunition, if that's your preference.

More meaningful, Bungie has mixed which track many weapons are entering. Shot guns, snipers and fusion guns can now be found in the energy track, which means you will be able to use them much more often than before, as they now use the much more common energy session, instead of heavy ammunition. The Heavy Track remains home for certain weapons of these types, including Exotics like DARCI, Tractor Cannon, The Legend of Acrius and Whisper of the Worm.

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While there are some exceptions, Bungie has adjusted which ammunition type each weapon uses. Here's how things look like:

Primary Ammunition Weapons

Special Ammunition Weapons

Heavy Ammo Weapons

Infusion works differently

The infusion process – where you take the higher power level of one item to increase another of the same type – has changed in several ways. You are no longer required to match item types; For example, you can infect a pulse gun with a hand gun. Before you need a pulse gun to infect another pulse gun.

The cost of infusion is adjusted to date also requires a particular planet material along with Mica and Legendary Shards. Accurate costs depend on the rarity of the involved elements; infusing an exotic into another element will destroy the legendary Shard aspect of the price and reduce the amount of mica needed.

This change relates to planet materials that become very common. You will now get them in large groups from things like opening chests, and they now serve as a primary source of winning reputation on each planet, taking place for tokens.

As to how and why this means something to you, it seems that infusion of everything is no longer going to be the way to go. You will get a close look at what you melt and when, which may turn out to be a welcome tweak.

You may have lost weapons and armor right now

The cause may not be out, but you can actually get new equipment from it already. The current Flashpoint is on Mars, and completing it can reward you with either a piece of legendary Forced Armor or a weapon. You can see the ones we've got our hands on in the gallery below. That these items are available is remarkable because you do not actually need Forced DLC to receive these items at the moment. It seems that this only happens as a result of an error, given that it is mentioned in Bungie's list of known issues. Whatever the case, these are still items you can nab right now.

  No caption given
  Gallery image 1   Gallery photo 2   Gallery photo 3   Gallery photo 4   Gallery photo 5   Gallery photo 6   Gallery image 11   ] Gallery Photo 8   Gallery Photo 8   Gallery Photo 9   Gallery Photo 10   Gallery Photo 11   Gallery Photo 12   Gallery Photo 13   Gallery Photo 13] Gallery Photo 14   Gallery image 19   Gallery image 19   Gallery image 16   Gallery image 17   Gallery image 18   Gallery image 19   Gallery image 20   Gallery image 21   Gallery photo 22

] To complete Flashpoint is no different than before, although how you track it has changed. Many of the weekly milestones are no longer seen from a menu in the director. Instead, these are now found by looking at specific activities in the director, or – in the case of Flashpoint – by swinging over the planet's supplier on the map.

Bungie warned that some things could be destroyed for the Forsaken and the corresponding patch launch on 4 September. Please note: It appears to be the case with the Flashpoint Progressometer, which does not accurately reflect how much you have done.

More Vault Space

It is not the most critical of changes, but Bungie has increased Vault space to 500 tracks. It is welcome for those who like to collect everything and it will be especially important when Forsaken releases, as Destiny 2 will introduce elements with random rolls (as in the first game), so it may be beneficial to keep multiples of the same weapon or armor piece.

Another thing to keep in mind: The collection is unavailable to the patch launch on September 4th. That means you can not retrieve emblems and exotic ones that you have not already stored on you or in the vault right now.

Activity Changes in Challenges, Strikes, and More

The exact way you participate in activities has changed. Existing challenges are gone, replaced by bounties that will be obtained from the relevant supplier; "Challenges" now refer to daily or weekly bonuses that were previously viewed as milestones. The nightfall is increasing in difficulty while the Prestige version is removed. The heroic strike playlist is gone, replaced by Legacy and Forced playlists (the latter with increasing difficulty levels, based on your Power level). Here's how Bungie outlines them:

Heroic Strike playlists have been retired for all players and replaced with a single live playlist:



If you are looking for Leviathan Raid and Raid Lairs, they are now located in the Nessus area by the director. In preparation for his fate in the Cause, Cayde has left the tower, which means you can no longer buy scouting reports and tax cards. And Xur, when he arrives, will no longer appear on the map and will not be found where the current Flashpoint is.

This is just a selection of the many changes Bungie has implemented in Destiny 2. The game is very much in flux right now, as Forsaken is set to shake things even further, with the annual passport seen to continue to expand on the game. Whether or not all of these adjustments are better is still seeing, but it's an exciting time to be a Destiny 2 player.

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