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5 Android apps you should not miss this week

Android Apps Weekly - Star Wars KOTOR II screenshot

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Welcome to the 360th edition of Android Apps Weekly and the latest in 2020! We hope you all have a great holiday and a happy new year as well. It was a bit of a slow week due to the holidays, but here are the best app and game headlines from last week:

  • Many people can get their first Android phones this year while also giving up their Apple devices. There are many differences between the platforms, including the apps available for each. Those who switch may want to check out some great Android alternatives to some of the best iOS apps.
  • WhatsApp finally rolls audio and video calls to desktop users. Unfortunately, only a few have it now as part of a limited trial. However, the service plans to launch the feature after the New Year. It did not manage to arrive in time for the holidays, but it will definitely next year.
  • Google is shutting down the Android Things platform. It starts the sunset process on January 5, 2021, and it closes the platform a year later. Fortunately, there are not a lot of affected products, and Google never seemed too interested in it anyway. We do not know if Google will replace it with anything.
  • We asked readers this week if they ever used the news aggregator that usually comes packed with stock launchers these days. The most popular is Google Discover, but Samsung, OnePlus and several other OEMs have their own little taste. Apparently most of our readers voted for Google Discover, with second place ignoring the feature completely. Click on the link to read more.
  • We did a poll among our writers to find out this year’s favorite game. Among those we listed, a few mobile games came to the list, including Genshin Impact and Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Click on the link to check out our selections.

Empires Mobile

Price: Free to play

Empires Mobile is the latest game from IGG. It is a strategy game with similar (but not identical) mechanics to games like Clash of Clans. You build your small empire and then train troops to take over other empires. It allows you to choose between different fantasy races such as elves and dwarves. Of course, there are heroes to unlock and play with as well. The big complaint with this is that you can only play elves in the beginning. The developers plan to add the other races over time. It will be a good time to waste in the end, so keep an eye on it.


Price: Free / $ 6.49

Listshare is a simple list sharing app. You can create lists for things like groceries or just a general to-do list and share them with your family, roommates or anyone. It has a simple, colorful user interface. No one should get lost using this. You can also organize your lists into custom categories such as groceries or chores so that everything can fit. This is new, and we did not test it very extensively, so it may be a mistake we missed, but it works pretty well for us.


Price: $ 7.99

Forager is a 2D open world game with dungeon crawling elements. It started life on Steam and is now available on mobile. You can explore the world, collect many things, create things, build structures and manage your various resources. The graphics will not win any awards, but the gameplay elements are actually quite fun. It had some issues with early release such as the occasional crash, but most of the issues seem to have been patched in updates. It’s a bit expensive, but you can easily dump dozens of hours into it without any hassle.

Sky Weatherman

Price: Free

Sky Weatherman is a new weather app. It does a lot of the basics like current temperature and future forecasts. However, this allows users to track the weather during important dates for them. For example, you can tell the app your wedding day, and it will tell you the weather for that day. It is a separate part of the app, so you can easily check and double check to ensure that nothing has changed. You can even set it to tell you the weather at a specific time each day as just before the morning commute. It also has widgets, push alerts for bad weather and other features. We want a pro version to remove ads, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

Star Wars KOTOR II

Price: $ 14.99

Star Wars KOTOR II is the latest gateway from the popular Knights of the Old Republic series. It’s a pretty deep RPG where you try to save the Jedi Order after it falls into ruin. It’s a bit of a slow game, but the RPG elements and story are so deep that you can play for dozens of hours. The mobile version is a faithful recreation of the original. However, there are some bugs that cause some issues with the game. We recommend giving developers time to fix some of it, but otherwise it’s a great retro RPG.

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