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4 Things You Want About Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – And 2 You Will not

  Black Ops 4

If you pre-ordered a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, you will be ready to play the closed beta. PlayStation 4 (PS4) owners have already had a weekend to get it, and now it's about opening up to Xbox One players, as well as PC people, with an open beta.

Much has been said about Black Ops 4. There is no campaign we know about it; It's going to be a new, but undiscovered battle of royal mode called Blackout; and there are always naysayers who somehow think the franchise is dying.

I've played the first weekend of the closed beta on PS4, and before Xbox players get sucked in, here are some early thoughts about things you want and some things that can use some TLC.

Black Ops 4 ”

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Black Ops 3 is without doubt the latest good Call of Duty game. But even today, Black Ops 3 is still giving new reasons for players to return and launch in November 2015. It is also a sign of how much society still likes the game.

The biggest difference in Black Ops 4 is the lack of "advanced motion", aka, no jetpacks. It's set in the near future, sometime between Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3. So it means modern struggle, quick action and crucial, plenty of knowledge of its immediate predecessor.

So, although there is no sequel in terms of the timeline, it is very much the sequel fans will have liked.

A Happy Movement Medium

  Black Ops 4

Advanced movement was one of the most polarizing parts of Call of Duty during the three-year period. Black Ops 3 had full experience, which made infinite warfare before returning to the classic "Boots on the Hill" style match in the 2017 World War II. Whether you hate the jetpacks or not, they will not return. At least not in Black Ops 4.

What we have from Treyarch, I think, is a happy medium. The movement in Black Ops 4 is sublime. It's fast and it's floating, and even after the first beta weekend, some fitters have been deployed to prevent rabbit hopping, so it's a real pleasure to play.

The biggest difference in today's game is that you can slide, which helps keep up the pace and also makes you a more difficult goal. Sliding was present in Black Ops 3, but the difference now is that you can not get into the sky afterwards.

It's also Ruin, one of the returning specialists, with a party trick that seemed to be good at beta. His grip hook can be distributed for lightning travel across the map, as if used correctly, it can be detrimental to objective playback.

The most tactical Call of Duty yet

  Black Ops 4

] There are a number of changes in Black Ops 4 that change the overall feel of the game. Health is now higher, as it's time to kill, so walking like Rambo alone is not necessarily the best strategy. Similarly, specialists have access to unique abilities and equipment, and perhaps the biggest change is that health is no longer regenerating.

If you choose, you can drive stools as one of your tools (although it works without selecting what you are getting to use as it stands), which means you can cure yourself in combat. Otherwise, your health will go down to completion. In some game modes, Search and Destroy springs in mind, or crew a hard point, to cure yourself can change the course of the game.

Then you have gun-specific attachments to unlock, so you'll have to feel every weapon, how it's playing, and how it interferes with your game style and your team.

Black Ops 4 feels only as it promotes collaboration better than previous games.

Everyone can make sense

  Black Ops 4

It's hard to be a new player sometimes or someone who likes the game, but it's difficult to be a new player. just can not add killing and crazy statistics. I'm usually one of these players. But Black Ops 4 is easily the most welcoming to players of all skill levels.

At the start, even if you do not get the final shot for a killing, if you caused significant damage, you still get credit on it, along with the player who ended them. Not only is this part of good teamwork, it means players who are not crazy, slayers can still work against strokes.

Being skilled with a specialist's individual abilities or equipment, or being good at making objective games, will all give you credit. If you think you need to drop 30, kill each game to be good, Black Ops 4 will help throw that impression. All are useful. Dropping 30 kills is a bonus.

These are just some of the good, but there are some things in particular that are less enamoring and probably need some work.

What You Want Not Like About Calling: Black Ops 4

Body Worker Needs Attention

  Black Ops 4

One of the parts of new equipment for Black Ops 4 is a body worker. And if you come up against an entire team with it, you will do a lot of curse. It's just what you're thinking: Kill killer by protecting the player.

It's far from impossible to get the killing of a player in body tights, but if you're alone or working with teammates, you'll get up. Several opponents of the equipment are incredible.

There has been a fairly high profile criticism in the early beta weekend, and Treyarch is at least aware of community feedback. Used in the right way, armor is just another piece of puzzle to get a well-balanced team, but the equipment as a whole will still need some balancing work before launch.

Currently, only a lot of people are kidding. It would be interesting to see where Treyarch goes with it, but it is here to stay. I would like to see either a clue on his ability or just do it so that you can not associate it with an entire team, perhaps restricting it to certain specialists.

Some maps will drive you angry

Popular streams (and a man who used to design Call of Duty maps), Dr Disrespect, had some brief thoughts about Black Ops 4 that probably resonates.

From what we have seen so far, some maps fit more than others into the "corridor" design. Seaside, for example, is essentially a dead straight, three-lane layout. The maps follow all the three-lane templates, and Treyarch has introduced various high and low points that break it up and compensate for the jetpack-free age we now live in. But in this case you usually only enter the other team head first.

There are several clamping points, and in some combinations of combinations of games and game modes, you still drive your head first at the opponents. Add it to the higher TTK, the body arm and such, and sometimes it can be frustrating. It's not likely that maps will get some serious work before launch, but maybe other aspects of the game can be balanced around it and already weapon balancing has been introduced to improve assault rifles for the second weekend.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last beta weekend goes August 10 to August 13 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. A Breakout mode beta should follow in September, and the game is available for pre-order now.

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