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& # 39; World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth & # 39; review

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth came out of the gate strong. So strong indeed that it may be the best expansion in World of Warcraft its 14-year history – and it has a chance to keep the title as long as it does not lose momentum. 19659002] I've spent a couple of dozen hours in World of Warcraft seventh expansion since the launch of American servers on the night of August 13th and it has been some of the fun I've had smoothing since I started to play WoW in 2005.

Full disclosure of my time with Battle for Azeroth so far: I leveled a Horde character to 120 and completed all three Zandalar storylines plus converted 20 hours in game content. I have also graded an Alliance's character partly through Kul Tiras and completed parts of the Stormsong Valley and the Tiragarde Sound stories. My only experience in Drustavar has been through the eyes of Horde so far.

Played through these zones, each with its own unique but continuous stories and refreshing designs, immediately led me back to how I felt when I was playing vanilla World of Warcraft and some of its earliest extensions. Instead of being a hero with close godlike powers like the last few years, players are back to being more grounded adventurers (going on more grounded but still tempting experiences).

Image: Snowstorm Entertainment

Star Stories

] Blizzard Entertainment has always done a good job of making propulsion systems in a way that is incredibly satisfying and Battle for Azeroth is no exception.

Leveling through Zuldazar, Voldun and Nazmir in Zandalar was a lot of fun, with twists and turns and sincere entertaining missions that appear along the way. The story through everything, wherever it took me, had a consistent set of backgrounds that pushed me forward and kept me interested in seeing what would happen next.

Both stories are incredibly convincing and filled with beautiful figures

The biggest background in The Battle of Azeroth is a war between Horde and the Alliance, two opposing fractions that to a greater or lesser extent have been the same side of various matches for a number of years. The separation of the two fractions was refreshing and reminded me of the leveling of vanilla WoW with unique zones given to each side (at least in the beginning).

While the expansion starts with heavy references and scenes of this war, leveling through the Horde side of the new content, it hardly came back again. Apart from all the time, I had my Azerite to make sure my faction was the leader in the Azeroth version of a nuclear weapon. The Alliance's side of things had some heavier references to the war, at least in the parts I played, with a scenario in Stormsong Valley where a fleet of Horde attackers bombed a city.

As it happens in the background, each side faces a unique threat: Horde fights against the rising threat of a wicked Old God's creature called Gunshoun, and the Alliance is working to unleash the corrupt leaders of Coal Tiras as has been fainted by the evil queen

Tiragarde Sound. "data fragment =" m! 8f28 "data-image =" https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/HfWaChHi-sNhAiQ7TWLDCv9wWO4=/https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com% 2Fuploads% 2Fcard% 2Fimage% 2F833955% 2Fd784298b-50d8-467c-a36b-3673c9a3e000.jpg "data-micro =" 1 "/>

Tiragarde Sound.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Guns is the focus of the raid of neplex expansion, and Queen Azshara is the focus of the second raid, both of which are not yet published.

Both stories are incredibly convincing and filled with beautiful characters that are actually memorable beyond their attachment to plot development – something like WoW has not always been so great to achieve. In particular, Bwonsamdi, death's death (like a death god) in Zandalar, is such a big animated character.

The Horde story was so good, in fact that for first time in some WoW expansion I decided to finish up all the bars just before I moved into the game at the end of game.

Not only that, I made an Alliance's character for the first time in 13 years, which I did not consider a joke just to see the Alliance's side of history. And I'm glad I did because getting both perspectives on the war made the stories so much better.

The stories of the Guns and Zandalari trolls, and Queen Azshara and the Kul Tiran people made me look forward to seeing what's next in Azeroth Battle when they handle their own problems on the new continents and the war between Horde and the Alliance strikes up.

Questing and gaining power

That said, the missions are not always fun. At times, the three assignments per site standard became a bit repetitive, and while there were some interesting new strains, some new missions are just terrible.

Mission from Tortollans, a race of turtles, can be mind-numbingly stupid and slow. One of the standards you want to see is one of the matching games arranged in a grid, where you can only beat two items at once to see if they match. Another and the worst of all the missions I've done for 13 years with World of Warcraft is a turtle "maze" where you slowly control a slow turtle through a slow grid for apparently no reason but to get one reward at the end.

But apart from them, I would say that the mission is largely well done, if it's a bit repetitive.

<img class = "" data-credit-name = "Blizzard entertainment" data-credit provider = "custom type" data-caption = "Stormsong Valley." title = "Stormsong Valley." src = "https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/uW_h9HpSnlwx98pWLMUynLNQwEA=/fit-in/1200×9600/https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fuploads%2Fcard%2Fimage%2F833950%

Image: Blizzard entertainment

In terms of smoothing and better equipment, Battle for Azeroth did away with the legendary the weapons players received in Legion and selected a new black-of-legendary element that scales while playing and collecting the Azerite: Azeroth Throat. When you collect more Azerite by just playing the game, the product level increases

Next to the chain, the Azerite equipment is received from missions and dungeons. They are parts of equipment for your head, chest and shoulders with unlockable features that you get when your heart of azeroth necklace increases the levels, so you can customize the bonuses you get from the gear and even increase E element level at a certain point.

It's a great way to add some extra customization to the standard gear system without forcing the same weapon for the entire expansion (and the chain does not even look at your character model, so it's hard to complain about it).

Zones filled with life

Each new WoW expansion brings players to new lands with new environments, and for a while it seemed that Blizzard tried to en-up every expansion with wilder and wilder zones either by leaning heavily into fantasy elements or sending us to strange, rocky, foreign landscapes.

The battle for Azeroth brought it back to earth a bit, and thus delivered environments that felt more natural and lived in, but still not back from delivering some truly amazing areas.

In Zandalar, there are areas where the various loases live, like Loa Garden in Zuldazar, which only oozes colors and feelings and awe. The revelation of the heart of Nazi darkness is one of the coolest revelations in all World of Warcraft which shows the width of the bloodstroke's rebellion and how much the Ghost has destroyed the country. [19659035] Necropolis in Nazmir. "data fragment =" m! f1e8 "data-image =" https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/ycA54ODiWwWb31t1bkvGYmoq8MQ=/https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fuploads% 2Fcard% 2Fimage% 2F833940% 2Fe8f4f094-3628-4f1a-aa7a-ceb57c22a1a6.jpg "data-micro =" 1 "/>

Necropolis in Nazmir.

Image: Snowstorm entertainment

In Kul Tiras are the mountains of Tiragarde Sound and rolling land in Stormsong Valley so inviting and atmospheric. Drustavar brings a scary, gothic mood missing from WoW for a long time, making it brilliantly all the way down to his prison Waycrest Manor.

< img class = "" data-credit-name = "blizzard entertainment" data-credit provider = "custom type" data-caption = "Waycrest Manor sits in the distance in Drustavar." title = "Waycrest Manor sits in the distance in Drustavar. "Src =" https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/njirHL1WrvqBUZC1XbiKPotd35c=/fit-in/1200×9600/https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fuploads%2Fcard%2Fimage % 2F833953% 2Fc3fa3 a6f-021a-472e-bf04-ac777b9710a5.jpg "alt =" Waycrest Manor is in the distance in Drustavar. [19659040] Waycrest Manor is in the distance of Drustavar.

Picture: Blizzard entertainment

What does it all together, but the music. You can get the theme and atmosphere quite decent with only visual, but sound design and soundtrack in Battle for Azeroth is so, so good. While in Legion I turned off the music of the game (in most zones) to listen to my own jams while playing, in BfA I rolled up the music of the game.

The two New Continents each have their own big city, which you spend a lot of time on, and both have these great, sensational songs that give you deeper into the atmosphere.


Azeroth brought a handful of new dungeons with each new zone to have at least one and most are fun, refreshing and exciting to explore with a group of five.

One of the best stand-outs to I am Waycrest Manor, a mansion whose residents have been destroyed by the evil that spreads through Drustavar. It has an incredibly spooky atmosphere that runs all the way through the core, down to the basement where the root of its awful magic lies.

 Underrot in Nazmir has a

The Underrot I Nazmir has a "Stranger Things" upward mood.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

As for aesthetic, Temple of Sethraliss in Voldun and Storm's Shrine in Stormsong Valley are exciting to explore and each has some unique encounters.

 Sethraliss Temple in Voldun.

Sethraliss Temple in Voldun.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

While most dungeons offer at least some interesting boss games and mechanics in them, not all of them are especially nice to run through. Special detention takes place mostly in a dark and narrow prison complex that feels a bit claustrophobic and sloggish.

End-game offerings

Battles 120 in Battle for Azeroth opens a whole bunch of new activities, some of which get access to immediately and someone else you have to work to get.

For one, players get access to the dungeons of the other faction's continent and have gained a good reputation with the new groups they meet. Get access to world missions, both of which are great ways to get better gear and gold when exploring new ones. areas.

But these are not particularly new ideas in World of Warcraft . One of the great new features of Battle for Azeroth unlocks at level 120 – Island Expeditions.

 Must get the Azerite.

Must get the Azerite.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Island Expeditions is a new idea that engraves the island vibe introduced by Battle for Azeroth and allows players to pull together in groups of three to venture out to different islands to gather all-important Azerite while fighting enemies on the island and completing quests. Twist is that Iceland Expeditions is also a race against the opposite faction – whether there are three AI characters or three real players, it's up to you – but you may have to make a small player vs player (or fake PvP) if you are random run into them.

If you really are in PvP, there's a new battlefield called Seething Shore that was introduced earlier this year, it's also a hit to get Azeritt.

Another planned Horde vs. Alliance feature is Warfronts, which is not really PvP, but encourages you to engage your opposing faction in great fighting across various landmarks around Azeroth, but interestingly, these are not yet available despite the focus on Battle for Azeroth .

Image: Snowstorm Entertainment

As you continue to push through the content of the game and increase your reputation with different groups, unlock more missions that send you to the contradictory continent where you usually try to mess with them, gather intellect on their movements and, of course, kill a whole bunch of them. These bars are fun, but generally quite short and do not drive you through much of the three opposite zones.

Future of Battle for Azeroth

There is still much to come in this extension, which will probably be out for at least two years given the World of Warcraft typical cycle, so it's a lot unknown about what's coming and if

Hopefully BfA does not go to Warlord of Draenor and fizzle out almost immediately.

With scheduled releases of at least two raid and warfronts along the way, it's likely that the extension will keep people's attention for a while.

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