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& # 39; Life is strange 2 & # 39; introduces Diaz Brothers as new protagonists – variety

The official "Life is Strange 2" reveals the trailer debuted on Monday, giving fans their first true encounter with Sean and Daniel Diaz, the brothers the new adventure will follow.

After a "tragic incident" involving the police and what seems to be the remnants of a telecommunications accident, the brothers must fly home to Seattle to avoid being thrown into prison, or worse, divorced. The couple plans to cross all the way down to her family's hometown of Puerto Lobos, Mexico. It's a long and treacherous journey, especially for a couple of young boys, but as they set the situation, it seems like the last hope for a better life after what happened.

Players will take the role of Sean, who has the task of making life-changing decisions as he navigates in the countryside with his brother Daniel, who will lead the spectrum from simple everyday choices to key character-building events that will induce the same "moral dilemmas" as Square Enix calls them, from the previous "Life is weird" game. Daniel will in turn be shaped by the decisions you make throughout the game so you have to choose wisely when it comes to how to answer specific situations.

"Life is strange 2" moves away from main characters Chloe Price, Max Caulfield and Rachel Amber from "Life is Strange" and "Life is Strange: Beyond the Storm" in favor of two new protagonists. There is also a new power introduced to the game, as well as new settings, new characters and more new features that have not been seen before.

Previously, fans watching "Life's Strange 2" were treated to a short prologue chapter in the form of "Captain Spirit's Awesome Adventures", which introduced a young protagonist called Chris. It is available now, but episode 1

of "Life is Strange 2" debuts September 27, 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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