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& # 39; Les Dead Redemption 2 & # 39 ;: Hands-On With Rockstar's Breakthrough New Game

Rockstar Games has revealed the first hours of the forthcoming Western Red Dead Redemption 2.

The game, one of the most anticipated titles of recent years, is a prequel of 2011's Red Dead Redemption . It takes place 12 years before the event of the original and centers of the infamous Dutch van der Linde Gang as they fly to pursue attorneys after a riverboat heist went bad.

The game opens on a blazing snowstorm when the Dutch and his curse of criminals steal themselves over the unsafe decline in the Grizzly Mountains, drawing eastwards to expel both the literary storm and the lawful on the backside.

The check will soon come to the player as they assume the role of Arthur Morgan, Dutch rightman and a member of the gang since childhood. Events ahead of their alpine emigration are presented slowly (but not fully) during the approximately four hour implementation.

Morgan is a hard man with a thick move and a deep sense of loyalty, although the venerable veneer that he sees on his leader shows weak signs of cracks when discussing the Black Blackwater mission that drove the group high of the Games first Mission plays like a two-hand game like Dutch, and Morgan crosses the snowmen in the pursuit of their colorful countrymen. In a faithful manner, the player is introduced to a gameplay mechanic on the core of Red Dead Redemption 2 : riding.

Rockstar has made the process both impressive easy to approach and misleading complex to master. With the touch of the X button (the game was demoed on a PlayStation 4), Morgan's horse falls in line with other fellow players. Double-click the button kick the horse to speed up and ride tandem to the head of the bag.

While exploring, a quick push of the L2 shutter button provides optional dialing options for communicating with them around Morgan. Alternatively, if Morgan has a weapon equipped (be it a rifle, gun, throw knife or bow), the same button pulls up a sight.

The difference is the key, especially when the isolated snow-capped prospects of the Grizzly Mountains allow for open world research later. Any NPC that might arise could interact, and the responses varied greatly from person to person.

Do you want to rob the nearby caravan? Just hold down L2 and a variety of options become available, from the simple "rob" option to "antagonize" to "reject". Robberies themselves are as varied as the inhabitants of the world. Some victims of your false intentions will simply flee. Others can draw a fair distance and keep a close eye on you in the likelihood that they can jump on the horse and put the spurs on it. Still, others will face your hostility in shape, resulting in a madness of bullets or a quick de-escalation of rage dueling bravados.

Of course, the game is not just for those who want to live out their deepest, darkest incredible fantasies. As he travels in the expansive countryside, Morgan will hear conversations from other riders or the dangerous cries of an emergency soul further away from the road. Such a case that occurred during the Hollywood Reporter playthrough contained a bespectacled gentleman caught in a bear trap. He was released (surely as one always has to look for a bandit of bandits), but not without a good deal of ribbing from the "antagonize" dialogue. Morgan can be a real son of a pee.

The report is no rare in the world Red Dead Redemption 2 . The interaction between Van der Linde Gang is superb, with strong personalities who constantly encounter the heads and the trade. The game tells that the player feels like a part of this strange family, consisting of more than 20 individual characters that feels thorough flesh out, human and convincingly genuine.

Adding this is the fact that the gang not only interact with Morgan but with each other. The camp is a living entity, and it operates on a daily basis ̵

1; literally. If players stumble into the camp at dawn, they see their fellow men dressed in longjohns and set up for lunch.

This also extends to the rest of the world. When Morgan rolls into a city late in the evening, only a few businesses are open, and when the night carries on the fast amount of a local lounge, a handful of drunks disappear over the tables.

The game's internal clock also has an effect on Morgan itself. Spend a few days to grove it in nature, and bearded and the hair will be wild and unfruitful. A quick stop of the shaver will take care of it, but unlike so many other RPG punctuation screens in the past, Morgan can not magically grow the hair when its saddled baker hits the barber's leather seat. Do you want a handshake a la Kurt Russell in The Hateful Eight ? Then Morgan must have grown her beard long enough to be trimmed in such a majestic sculpture of facial follicles.

What Rockstar aims to do with Red Dead Redemption 2 – a massive enterprise that was worked by each of the company's worldwide studios – is creating the next generation of games in the open world. Given that this is the studio's first project built for the current generation of consoles (2013s Grand Theft Auto V was originally made for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation before being ported to the current gene), Red Dead Redemption 2 feels like a big step forward from not only its predecessor and rockstar's previous titles, but also for games in general.

Some details will probably be overlooked by many of the general public when the game is released October 26th, for example unique replay and cocking animations on the many guns in the game, collectibles that actually disappear from shelves when picking up how weapons and animal hides are stored on Morgan horse, how blood and mud stick to Morgan clothes or his horse hide. But every detail is carefully attended.

At one point in the process, a real life conversation drew eyes away from the screen for a moment, which caused my horse to hit a nearby rock and play Morgan from the hall. When the demo ran forward, at a time when Morgan and the horse had formed a more solid band, my stance limited only over such obstacles.

Immersion, strong dialogue and exciting stories are certainly big selling points for any media title, but what might be most important for any game is how fun the game itself is. In Red Dead Redemption 2 the gunplay's satisfying weight and varied from gun to karab gun to bow and arrow. Stealth approaches to hostile camps assign patience while walking in arms a-blazing is an exciting wish fulfillment for wild-be Old West heroes – if they have the fast trigger aiming to pull it off.

Assignments, even in the short demo, were very different and many occurred organically while exploring the world. While Red Dead Redemption 2 gives full strength to the action adventure front, it can be even more engrossing its silent subtlety while just helping a passerby or chasing on local deer.

All the game's many charms are elevated by an absolutely beautiful score that feels authentic to the time period, but without doubt modern everything at once. Traveling through muddy swamp like nightingale crawling around Morgan horse to melodies of slides and bass notes from a cello is enough to produce goosebumps.

While it was only a small piece of play, it was enough in the demo to gather a sense of world range, the rich character designs and core game mechanics for what should be the biggest game release 2018.

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