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& # 39; fortnite & # 39; 6 Waterside Goose Nests: Places to complete the challenge

E image Games lean even further into "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as a theme for 14 days of Fortnite this high season, and refers directly to a renunciation of the song for the second day in a row. Day 5 focuses on flying through "five golden rings" and Day 6 is about "six geese a-laying."

14 days of Fortnite Day 6 began Monday morning, Christmas Eve, and the new festive challenge is to "seek the challenge requires players to find six of them, but appropriately, there are far more hedges out there Fortnite: Battle Royale island.

It has been a long time since rubber duckies challenge in Fortnite but this one is almost identical, both challenges focusing on bird-related objects near water sources, and some of the exact rubber duck sites has apparently been recycled.

The map has changed significantly since then and achieved various water forms, but the main remains the same:

  Fortnite Waterside Goose Nests
There are at least 19 nest around the map and players only need to find six of them

Because there are so many nests around the map, this challenge is quite simple, we recommend focusing on the Dusty Divot and then moving in a specific direction ba on the storm track. Another sound strategy lands at either the northern or southern part of the river and then follows it into the country to several places.

Unlike the common challenges that last all season, the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges and their rewards will be available for a limited time. According to the in-game menu, the 14th challenge reveals on January 1, and they are all bound to disappear shortly thereafter.

In an official blog post, Epic Games wrote about how 14 Days of Fortnite will affect all game modes. "In addition to the map transfer, the 14 Days of Fortnite event will include a new challenge with a new free reward every single day," Epic wrote. "Every day, both new and return brings LTM. And finally, be sure and check out the new and return holiday merchandise that is displayed daily to show off your holiday. Sign in every day to see what's new!"

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