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3 things Oculus Quest still needs to be improved

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they would soon introduce two of Oculus Quest ‘most in-demand features: multiple accounts on the same device and game sharing on that device.

It’s a big deal for the platform, so friends and families keep the progress, friends and other features separate from others. Combined with the recent addition of gifts in the Oculus Quest store, it makes the platform better to use. But there are still many things Quest and Quest 2 still need to get right.

No, I’m not talking about the same old hardware specifications or game wishlists – I’m talking about the list of key software and platform features that are either half-baked or just completely missing from the Quest experience. Here, Facebook hopes to have these things on the checklist.

Better discovery in VR

Oculus Store Home Quest 2

Oculus Store in browser and app is actually pretty good. It makes it easy to quickly discover new releases, search for upcoming games and even see an alphabetical list of all the apps released on Quest so far. But the story is not quite the same inside the headset itself.

Click ‘Store’ in Oculus Home, and you’ll actually roll the dice on which apps the headset will show you. There are a number of categories to browse, but they are pretty much all driven by what you have played before. There is no way to quickly find new releases, browse all titles or pre-order upcoming games. Shopping on devices is a key means of discovering new content, and Quest makes developers a bear service that makes new games so hard to find.

Better media sharing

The sharing of screenshots and videos on the first Oculus Quest was so convoluted that we could not possibly imagine a second headset being launched without drastic improvements. But Quest 2 still makes us jump through outrageous loops to share our VR content, and often does not even capture the content properly.

Somehow, almost two years after the launch of Quest 1, recorded videos are still out of sync with audio on a regular basis and will not be recorded in 1080p. And when you want to share content, you have the option to either upload to your Facebook in-headset, or to have to connect it to a PC via USB and take it through SideQuest. You can also get 1080p content … again using SideQuest hack. It’s painfully inaccessible – Quest should offer a wider range of sharing options from a single access point, such as the Oculus app. For now, you can check out our guide for uploading screenshots and videos to your PC right here.

A social Oculus home

oculus go rom game table

Have you ever noticed how many of the elements of the regular Quest 2 home environment come in two? Two swivel chairs, sofas, etc. That begs the question; why can we not share that room with anyone else? Oculus Quest has decent party invitation systems, etc. To get you from game to game with your friends, but it’s a shame you can not share downtime between apps in your personal rooms together.

Facebook may claim that you should do it in arenas or the upcoming Horizon, for example, but the fastest way to meet friends in VR should definitely be the first world you start up. Think of something like Rifts Home features on Quest – maybe even introduce some simple board games etc (shout out to Rooms!), And you’re well on your way there.

This is our list of things Oculus Quest still needs to get right. What features do you still think are missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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