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2D cool-hell game invents the dog’s speed death laser

We are all used to trying to pet the dog in games. But what happens when the puppy is not so friendly? Well, we understand that we have a Clifford-sized mutt whose bottom hole is the source of a giant death ray and other attacks suitable for the bullet-hell genre.

We have this and more in WIP cult, Polygon’s weekly overview of eye-catching clips and screenshots of ongoing works. Every week, the Polygon staff searches the internet and highlights eye-catching games – especially those that have not yet been completed. It’s a selection of the coolest upcoming projects you can not play pretty yet.

In recent weeks, each list demonstrated micro-trends in game development ̵

1; one showed several cute games with animals, and another had many skating games. This time we have a wider choice. It’s a beautifully pixelated sailing game, a gun that shoots beautiful flowers, an elegant city builder and an adventure game that will put Link’s mowing skills to shame. Check out which game developers are up in this week’s summary.

Fight dog spears in this 2D platform player

This clip from André Hjelvik shows their 2D Spade Knight– separate game Gun Devil. The pixelated shooter has a unique barrier, a giant dog (called Dog Bastard). As you fight it, the boss releases a giant ray of death from the asshole. In addition to that you will also fight stupid attacks like a steady stream of bones. It puts a comic twist on the classic cool-hell platformer. Gun Devil does not have a release date, but you can follow updates on the game’s Steam page.

Link has competition for “best human lawnmower”

This clip is from Kokopas Atlas which is an adventure game from HyperMegaPixel where you explore and build terrain on a new planet. This clip shows the main character – a small cat-like creature – swinging a sword around to cut down a bunch of bushes. From the first days of The Legend of Zelda, there has always been something particularly fun about cutting down plants. Now you can do it in style, as cubes look especially comfortable to cut down. Kokopas Atlas is currently under development and does not have a release date yet.

The most beautiful weapon I’ve ever seen

This was not quite what I had in mind when I think of guns and pistol roses, but hey, it works! This clip from Tommaso Romanò shows a gun that shoots beautiful flower spots instead of bullets. The weapons are not for any announced project, but already look fantastic. When used properly, the tool is not only nice, but allows the player to create amazing ivy bridges that extend over large holes. In the past, the developer has created a way to procedurally generate ivy, so if this type of work sounds cool to you, you can follow all the things they clear up on Twitter.

A stripped down city builder

This animation comes from the city builder Might of Merchants. The game has a hand-drawn style that looks like a 3D picture book. The clip focuses on one feature: the user interface (UI). The smooth menu allows you to get an overview of your city in an instant. Beyond that, it just looks like an elegant game whose style is parallel to the experience of drawing a layout on pen and paper. It is made by Hannes Breuer and does not have a release date yet, but it is enough to drop over to the game’s Twitter page.

A pixelated Sid Meiers Pirates-looking game

This miniature boat looks like a real pleasure for the pilot. The concept from TobyThePoser takes the great pirate experiences to games like Sea of ​​Thieves and do it … little. A short video posted by Toby shows a ship sailing over a large map covered with small tropical islands. So far it is not for an advertised game, but the developer regularly posts updates on how to make the sailing go.

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