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21 hidden gems on Amazon giving thoughtful and personal gifts

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It's crazy to think Christmas is just a week away. The reality is, however, that within seven days you will have all your holiday presents wrapped and ready to go.

Have not bought them yet? Fortunately, it's not that much because many online stores offer quick (and in some cases free) two-day shipping to help you get all your presents on time.

Amazon is one of the dealers you can trust to get you presents on time, especially if you are a premier member. Yet many people feel that finding a gift in the Amazon Sea by millions of products can result in gifts that feel dark and slightly impersonal. I was also in this camp and found it hard to find the hidden gems in my broad search for "minimalistic juicy planters" or "shaggy throwing pillows".

I recently discovered Amazon's gift finder, which helps you find a cool selection of unique gifts, and I was impressed.

You can search by category, interests, price and more. If anything, this showed me that you can actually find gifts on Amazon that still feel thoughtful and personal. So we curated a list of 21 personal gifts on Amazon, for everyone on your list. Continue scrolling to check out our choices below.

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