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2019 The Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 is a brilliant return for the right six-engine

Back in 2004, Mercedes defined the modern four-door coupé with the very first Mercedes-Benz CLS, which was basically an E-Class carefully bent out of shape in a tragic styling event. Now it's a third generation with an exciting new straight six engine, and it's a hoot to drive and much easier on the eyes.

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Here's The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS With The Amazing New Straight Six

When it debuted back in the Bush Years, the Mercedes-Benz CLS was a shocked style icon for a …

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( Full Details: Mercedes-Benz wanted me to drive the 2019 CLA 450 Coupe and CLA 450 4MATIC so bad, it invited me to a wet drive through New Jersey on Wednesday morning to lunch and then dinner after revealing the new A-class, "A" for American, then on the roof of a Manhattan hotel.)

What is it?

This new 2019 CLS is actually exciting because it has a new 3.0-liter straight-six engine. Right six is ​​known and loved for smoothness, and then it's cool to see this architecture back in a Benz after 20 years of absence. It's also happily married to one of the 48 volt electric boost systems, which I'm glad to report is wonderful to drive.

It's also the first CLS that has a fifth seat so you can torture a person's hairdresser with a lack of head in the back from the hanging roof that gives the lie that this vehicle deserves its "coupe" brand. Other style elements that transfer from the former CLS generations are the four frameless window windows and the lush mozzarella bulb at a rear end.

The CLS 2019 is one of the first cars to reflect the new Mercedes design approach, in a general one that is obvious in destroying meaningless folds and braids in metalwork, is a smoother, easier and populated with LED head and tail lights shaped to a point in the corners, like paint streaks, for a slightly more aggressive presence. All CLS cars get AMG style, as on standard 19-inch wheels.

For whatever reason, CLS is almost visually identical to the new A-class, despite its E-Class status, the critical difference up front to be the grid blossoms. It looks good to my eyes, but makes it already styled to seem like a lower tier car than it is. Nor does it mean that the four-door AMG GT has overshadowed it (now with incredible monoblock wheel).

Specs That Matter

2019 CLS 450's fancy new 3.0 liter inline turbocharged six cylinder comes with EQ Boost, an integrated starter motor engine upgraded with a 48 volt electrical system. You have heard these systems called "mild hybrids." The engine constitutes 362 horsepower, which is increased to 383 hp with the help of the temporary outbreaks of EQ Boost, and 369 lb-ft with torque with EQ Boost throws up to 181 lb -ft on top of it.

Each of these CLAs gets a 9-speed automatic transmission. Mercedes claims that the acceleration from zero to 60 mph is 5.1 seconds for the rear-wheel drive model, or 4.8 seconds for the rear-suspension 4MATIC vehicle unit. You are electronically limited to a top speed of 130 km / h for your own good.

CLA 450 4MATIC as I drove was specified in the Lunar Blue Metallic pair with a gray Ash Wood, Magma Gray and Espresso Brown interior trimmings combo. It was also equipped with high performance tires, a bright and clear heads-up display, adjustable air suspension, soft closing doors, illuminated door frames, heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats and motorized rear window sunshade.

Standard features include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Keystart, Power Seal, Two-Zone Climate Control, and ambient mood lighting that extends on the dashboard width and fills the turbine valves. There were also sunroof, damper walls and windscreen wipers that could rain the rain.

Safety features featured a rear camera, 24 hour roadblock, ABS, active brake assist, stability control, a predictive motion protection system that draws passengers towards the center of the car if it detects a side-collision collision, auxiliary assistant assistant who is extremely alarming if you upset it and crossbone stabilization, which I do not even think of commercial aircraft yet.

What's good

Running the CLS 450 4MATIC in its Sport + drive, I imagine a nice early morning jog is like a hardened marathon runner – a comfortable slide with more than enough power, sometimes tapering a wave just for hell of it.

On the freshly humid roads in New Jersey, all potentials for playful or unplanned loss of traction radiated by all-wheel drive make for a safe, casual drive Erience that should perfectly match all expectations anyone would want for an E-Class like seeking even more attention.

The appearance, the engine, EQ Boost and the 4MATIC system come together as a well balanced meal with tasteful flavors and satisfying textures. Power is suggestive, but not alarming, and it's not quite an engaging driving experience, but it does what you want, feels good and makes you feel embarrassing.

When you put it down, the power comes straight and excited, and you are pushed deeply into your pored-leather seatback. It is perfect for those who are in conflict between giving up to their impatience and treating themselves for a relaxing drive. Believing that Mercedes got 429 horsepower of this AMG CLS 53 engine is a nice thought.

The nine-speed car stays the most out of the way, although we suffer a couple of jolting downshifts together in bridge traffic. The heads-up screen is light, displays current speed, speed limit and navigation guidance, making the super wide dashboard almost irrelevant to the driver while in motion (which is good).

The cabin is a lot quieter than you may start to recognize, which becomes apparent when you roll down a window. One of the only sounds that comes through is the hard-working sigh of the turbocharged engine. With windows down in a tunnel it is even clearer that the right six provide a satisfying chirp under stress. Otherwise, not much of the engine's note or exhaust noise in the cabin ever.

CLS styling has always been doubtful, or "polarizes" to be more polite, but I want to say that this generation is the one I do not feel uncomfortable to look at. Nevertheless, my driving partner described the outstanding coupon bumper on the backside, as well as the rear camera that spins out of the Mercedes logo, like "hemorrhoidal", and the rear lights seem like the obviously false lights you find on the racing car, which is misleadingly flat against the shape of the body.

Having lived with CLS for one day, I have finally come to see the overall look. It's strange enough to catch the eye without going too far away to be comfortably familiar. I'm also relieved to have seen a few decent paint options, and even more impressive interior trim combinations.

What's weak

The inner work of CLS seems a bit confusing. At 4MATIC I drove, the dark gray and the wells were highlighted by pink, aqua and red tones from below the infotainment trim band and air valves, resulting in a conflicting appearance. You have 64 color choices if you are willing to take the time to get it right.

Mercedes claims that the CLS experience should be like a spa, with more moods or something in the settings to choose from. Running down the list in the menu, the only noticeable differences were color changes and a sudden audible airflow breeze from the rear seats that was more confusing than relaxing.

I also chose to turn off the Mercedes fragrance included in the spa function and many of its other cars in the show. The short period of time it left me to be nauseous, but I'm obviously sensitive to colognes and perfumes, although my co-driver – who took a large part of the essence juice – left the drive early with similar symptoms. It may have been an independent coincidence, as he had mentioned to enjoy a very fat dinner dinner the night before.

Gear selection, like on other Mercedes cars, is on a stalk behind the right hand side of the wheel with Park as a button Unfortunately, at the end of it, which is probably the smallest premium aspect of CLS, and almost feels like a reflection. I can not think of any clear reason that there are not a series of buttons, or better, but a steering wheel, somewhere in the middle of other inputs. If you're going to make it a stalk behind the wheel, just make a straightforward change of shovel, please. In addition, the current exchange is small and hard to find on the front of the driver, and it may be clearer.

Another problem in the same geographic area is how the thick wheel turns off the edges of the driver's display. With the steering wheel in my ideal position, the upper edges of the speedometer wheels were blocked. Another reviewer confirmed this issue for dinner later that evening. If I move the wheel up, it cuts in my view of the road just enough to bother me.

When you talk about the control, you move the driving settings through Sport and Sport + up the wheel resistor, but there is hardly any real feedback. The car, either with steel suspension or air suspension, is permanent but is set enough to prevent the car from throwing you around. Honestly, I think it fits CLS and is nicely balanced. I'm sure it's better this way.

The new A-class debut last week has a full-line input for the infotainment system, which, to me, is a big improvement over the multifunction disc found on CLS, which I admit you can figure it out end. I just predict that the new family entry system will be a welcome change, though I'm not sure if it will make it to CLS anytime soon.

Early Judgment

2019 CLS 450 is smooth. The design is elegantly smooth, the interior is comfortable smooth and the right six engine is very smooth. If you like the hipster-shaved pages, you have gelled camshield hairstyles because they make you feel young you will love the design. If you like the idea of ​​a Baroque rave, you will love the interior. And if you like your motor to whistle while smearing your slicked-back baroque rave down the road, you'll love CLS 450.

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