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2019 Honda Pilot Elite Review

Cruising the Highway at 75 km / h, 2019 The Honda Pilot Elite's exclusive seat ventilation system that helps fight the August heat, I notice how quiet SUV is and how comfortable it is and how everywhere you look is It's a storage space instead of just about anything you can bring in. Even the center console has a width at the top instead of the usual arm length, and the board is trimmed in a trendy gray triangular color.

This, I think for myself, is a great vehicle. 19659003] 2019 Honda Pilot Elite Silver Front Left "src =" http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.4042361.1534786245!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/201

9-honda-pilot-elite-silver 2019 Honda Pilot Elite looks pretty much like before, but small changes and updates throughout make it a more satisfying family-sized SUV.

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Obviously I'm not the only one. Honda has no trouble selling Pilot. In 2018, the family's size, 3-row crossover SUVs sales up 38% through mid-year, and Pilot is on its way to success. as it has not been fit for over decades, and this happens, despite a far more crowded competition landscape. However, the updated and upgraded Honda Pilot 2019 will ensure that it continues prosperity.

For several hours, the new pilot runs in the South California, I took the SUV on a loop that included suburban streets and highways, mountain roads r and country roads. I also had a chance to do a little bit of off-roading and tried the pilot's towing capacity. The changes Honda has made this year cumulatively makes a big difference, and for the most part I'm impressed with this practical vehicle.

What's new for the 2019 Honda Pilot?

  2019 Honda Pilot Elite Silver Rear Right Quarter

2019 Honda Pilot continues to offer lots of space for people and freight, combined with a lot of functionality and quality.

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So what's changing on the 2019 Honda Pilot? It's a good question, given that it looks almost like the 2018 model, inside and out.

Styling modifications include a new grill, new headlights, new rear lights and new bumpers. Re-designed wheels are bolted to the pilot also in a more appealing design while working on the trim level. Inside, less accent trim, a new steering wheel and new instrumentation debut, along with wider armrests in front and greater availability at second row captain seats.

Technical updates include standard HondaSensing driver service and collision failure at all levels of fitness. Choose any version of the pilot except LX, and it comes with a rear-end rear-end monitoring system, which provides less useful and more complicated LaneWatch technology from last year.

A new infotainment system comes to 2019, with additional features and functionality. It also has a volume button, a simple but meaningful improvement. Models with rear-seat entertainment systems get a new Blu-Ray disc player and streaming feature through Pilot's new 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot or from Android devices onboard the vehicle.

New HondaLink-connected service packs are available at peak levels, along with a hands-free power tailgate. Top-of-the-line Elite trim provides power wall, auto-dimming side mirrors this year, along with wireless device charging. The latter feature is a reseller-installed option for other versions of the Pilot.

Two rows of comfort, a line of short turn acceptable

  2019 Honda Pilot Elite Gray Leather Interior Front Seats

The Honda Pilot Elite driver's seat provides 10-way power adjustment, but the front passenger seat provides only four ways to move on. Both are heated and ventilated, and a heated steering wheel is a dealer-installed option.

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From the driver's seat, the view is still good thanks to thin window pills and large side windows. Earlier, I've characterized what looks like a minivan, and the description is emphasized by Pilots involving armrests and low but retaining center storage boxes and tamboured boards.

You're sitting a little bit in a Pilot, even when the seat is adjusted for maximum height. But the comfort is exceptionally good, your body is worn in Elite-leather-wrapped, heated and ventilated, uniquely supportive 10-way power adjustable driver's seat.

The front passenger seat is also comfortable but there is no height adjustment. You think it would be a simple solution, especially given the list of other changes Honda does, but owners apparently do not seem to be necessary. Perhaps the company should have asked people who bought something else if this failure applied to the decision. At my house it would.

Internal quality shall not be besmirched. From the way the doors are heard when closed, to the relative quietness of speed, to the fluid and refined operation of the controls, to the absence of noise, vibration and hardness, the pilot looks and feels it will last forever and look new when you do it.

I made a point to ride both in the second and third row while my co-driver took the steering wheel. Elit's standard second captain's chairs are quite comfortable, and triple-zone climate control combined with side window shades made it easy to remain that way. They push back and forth to make more room for passengers on the third row.

Even with the second row the seat was moving back, I could still fit into the third row. My stint at this location was short – no more than 15 minutes – and I would not want to stay there again for much longer than that. But for shorter trips it is okay and before the youth will not complain.

You are likely to keep the third seat folded most of the time, no matter because the pilot delivers only 16.5 cu.-ft. of the load space behind it.

It sounds like much, given that most medium-sized sedans can not match that amount of space. But you need to stack things in the ceiling and flush against the glass to use it, and when you open the elevator, everything will fall out. Realistic, unless you fold the third row and hold it that way, you have no more than a shelf to get home purchases.

With the third row folded down, the pilot leads 46.8 cu.ft. of load, which is a good place for most people. Unfortunately, Elite trim does not offer a rear seat so if you have three children, you must use at least half of the third row seat that cuts in cargo while positioning one of the people you like most in greater potential damage if a text or full or high driver plows into the rear of the pilot.

Maximum load capacity measures 83.9 cu.ft, which is a generous amount of space. Remember that with the captain's chairs there will be a big gap between them, which means you do not want a completely flat load floor all the way to the front seats.

Upgraded Infotainment and Security Technology

  2019 Honda Pilot Elite Gray Leather Interior Dashboard

A new infotainment system debuts in 2019 Honda Pilot, offered with a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, HondaLink-connected service packages, wireless charging of a device and more. Oh, and a volume button returns.

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Pilot's new infotainment system, included with EX trim and higher, is a big improvement. Apart from the above volume button (now it only needs a voice button – baby step), it has a number of improvements.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto continue with SiriusXM satellite radio and SMS text messaging support. In 2019, HD Radio is new, along with a CabinControl smartphone app that allows you to use audio, entertainment and climate features.

When the pilot is equipped with navigation and a backseat entertainment system, SUV features enhanced voice recognition technology, a new Blu-Ray disc player, a larger 10.2-inch display and a CabinTalk system.

CabinTalk lets mom or dad communicate with everyone on board without shouting through Pilot's microphone. That way, instead of screaming "Stop worsening your sister!" Can parents enable CabinTalk and ask request: "Ethan, please stop fiddling your sister on your forehead, or you will not be able to enjoy dessert with us tonight." The system conveys your voice through both speakers and entertainment system headphones, and even pause Blu-Ray discs to ensure your descendants are unchanged.

Touring trim adds a 10-speaker, 590-watt premium audio system, a new 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and access to three HondaLink-connected service packages. The security package is available for 12 months and includes automatic flight alert, SOS emergency call, directions for directions and more. The remote package is free for three months, adding border and speed alerts useful when teenage drivers are in the household, in addition to Find Me Car and a Stolen Driving Attorney. The concierge package is also free for three months and gives you a personal assistant to assist you with various tasks.

Pilot Elite models include all of these features as well as wireless charger. While I did not give each of these systems a workout, I can say that CabinTalk is effective and that the sound system is pretty good. The voice recognition system is still not natural and requires steady use of menus and commands, which is a bummer. If you want, you can start Siri or OK Google, which is much easier to use.

The other major news on the technology front is that Honda provides a long list of driver's support and standard collision systems for all 2019 Pilots. Bundled underneath the HondaSensing banner, include full-speed adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, road warning for road, road protection and road protection.

Select EX trim or higher, and Pilot has a blind spot monitoring system with rear traffic warning. This replaces the previous LaneWatch technology Honda installed on most pilots who used a mirror-mounted camera and just worked on the right side of the SUV. Now, both sides of the SUV are covered and you get a warning if you blindly backwards from a parking space at the local destination.

I used the entire HondaSensing package of vehicles while on the highway, and they still do not work with the sophistication level of the best systems I've tested. Braking may be a bit sudden and / or inconsistent, and there are delays in system recognition when traffic patterns change, for example when another vehicle enters the gap between the pilot and the cars in the future. For this review, the lanes worked well, but I did not test them on the roads that I would normally use for this purpose.

If a collision proves unavoidable, the Pilot is a safe SUV. The federal government gives it a 5 star overall rating. The only 4-star ratings it receives are for front passenger front passenger and for transition force.

Motor Vehicle Safety Institute (IIHS) had not considered 2019 pilot when this review was published. However, Honda announced no structural changes, and since NHTSA conducted its assessments from 2018 to 2019, it is assumed that the IIHS results will be identical to 2018. As such, there is no need beyond an "acceptable" rather than " good "rating for front passenger protection in a small overlapping frontal collision.

Honda Tames Pilot's Available Transmission

  2019 Honda Pilot Elite Silver Front Right Quarter

In addition to refining Pilot's auto-shutdown function, it has tampered the 9-speed gearbox installed in Touring and Elite trims.

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Honda offers two different gear in the 2019 Pilot. A 6-speed machine is installed in LX, EX and EX-L versions of the SUV, while Touring and Elite have a 9-speed automatic with electronic shift buttons, paddle shifters and a sports mode.

When the 9-stage debuted in the 2016 Pilot, it received a fair share of deserved criticism for its unfinished behavior. By 2019, Honda has taken significant steps to solve this, from reprogramming the transmission to start in others providing under most normal driving conditions to retuning it for smoother shifting properties.

Whatever they did, it seems. Paired with the same 280-hp, 3.5-liter V6 engine as last year, this fuel is far more satisfactory than before, because the transfer does not always draw negative attention to itself. Now the driver experiences a steady, robust acceleration without overvoltage or hiccups.

EPA says this combination, in addition to the elite standard wheel drive system, has net 22 mpg in mixed driving. I did not get better than 19.6 mpg, but my route was mountainous, it was hot outside and I subjected the pilot to several flat-out acceleration cases when merging on highways and passing slower traffic on hills.

As I mentioned earlier, on the highways, the pilot is happily quiet. The suspension gives just the right amount of information while still compatible for a smooth driving quality. Around the city, these features blend with smooth handling to make the big Pilot easy to maneuver and a pleasure to drive.

This Honda is less skilled on a demanding mountain road, but handling remains safe and predictable. The problem is that the brakes are heated quickly and then fade when you may need them most – at the bottom of a hill. With only two people aboard, this happened after a steep descent, scary of a vehicle designed to carry eight people, or a whole lot of cargo, or a trailer weighing up to 5000 pounds.

Most people do not want 2.5 tons for a pilot, but Honda still put up demonstration to prove that its biggest SUV can cope with the amount of weight. Walking up small hills, the work of the V6 overtime, especially when it is up to the task of obtaining rather than maintaining speed. By descending into small slopes, the brakes worked well, but the geographical area in the area where the demo was performed did not give any kind of extreme.

I also got the chance to put Pilot Torque Variable Torque Management (I -VTM4) all-wheel drive system for the test. With just 7.3 inches of clearance and limited wheel drive, this may seem like an idiot, but on the specially designed course Honda set up, the Pilot worked well. Outside the real world, you realize that you have to pay attention to all the seasonal tires, the limited ground, and the weak approach, departure and breakover angles.

In other words, stay away from

Minor changes represent overall a big improvement

  2019 Honda Pilot Elite Silver rear left quarter

Thanks to the changes in 2019, the latest Honda Pilot is the best yet.

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While the improvements made by Honda to the 2019 Pilot, it seems to be smaller overall, they add up to a major upgrade over the 2018 model. This SUV is better to drive, more technologically sophisticated and safer than ever. At the same time, the comfort, quality and spaciousness that made it so popular.

And if you crack hard enough, you can decide that it looks more robust than before.

Learn more about 2019 Honda Pilot



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