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2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition Dons Gulf Livery

Unfortunately, the new Ford GT seems to be more known for resale drama than performance in motorsport and on the street. Here's a way to win hearts and thoughts: Add the famous golf delivery. I do not think it looks better than this to date.

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Over the past couple of years (yes, GT has existed a bit now) Ford has dropped Heritage Editions of its performance alon car. First, it was black and silver to honor the GT40, which officially won the 1924s to Le Mans, and then it was red and white to celebrate the 67 Le Mans victory that Ford famously deleted Ferrari.

Now the legacy edition, which dropped at the Monterey Car Week festivities in Pebble Beach, greets 1968 and 1969 Le Mans winning GT40. As such, it is in the famous light blue and orange Gulf Oil livery, one of the best paint systems any car can have.

In particular, this paint program is a recall for Ford GT chassis No. 1075, one of the only cars ever winning Le Mans twice. And it looks beautiful on the new GT. It is better generally in brighter colors, and much more eye-catching than the dowdy black heritage edition GT two years ago.

Other touches here include optional # 9 graphics on the hood and doors to greet two-hour Le Mans wins, exposed carbon fiber A posts, blue and orange seat stitches and other fine cosmetic details. This Heritage Edition GT will run for two years and the 2020 model car will have number 6 graphics, the number worn by 1075 when it won Le Mans in 69.

And like all the Ford GT, it has a 650 hp twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 pair with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. I guess if you are going to get one of these, Gulf is the one who will have.

Only, you know, do not try to sell it again.

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