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2019 Chevrolet Silverado Review: 8 models ready to fight Ford, Ram

Chevrolet's new 2019 Silverado 1500 pickup is only uploaded to the bar. 2019 Silverado is also bigger and easier, the crew has limousine-class legroom, safety features abound, the cabin is surprisingly quiet, technical tools make trailer links easier than Tinder, and a rearward-facing camera base behind your trailer. To create fuel economy over 20 mpg, the dynamic fuel controller turns out unnecessary cylinders in 17 different stages.

In order not to get Ford pickup sales, Chevy relieved of competitive throttle: There is no diesel engine next year, the Silverado safety suite lacks adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection does not adjust when driving a trailer (F- 150 does) and if you get the trailer camera, you can not have a forward-facing surround camera on the truck. Overall, the Chevy Ford F-150 matches, while the FCA's Ram Division has a new pickup offer (not yet driven and compared) promising to be a serious competitor.

Silverado High Country, the top trim line, is luxurious inside.

The fourth generation is getting bigger and in

This is a brand new model, the fourth generation of Silverado. It is 1-2 inches longer, wider and higher. The wheel is 4 inches longer, and it appears as more legroom in the second line of the crew. Visually, Silverado seems bigger and more aggressive, a look that almost says that this is a pickup to plush snow without turning a plow.

Driving on and offroad in Wyoming and Idaho, especially the $ 65K High Roller High Country, the ride was stunningly quiet. The cabin has gob's space for soda bottles, two phones that can be paired at the same time, bags, backpacks, dogs, children, up to six devices that need USB power, jumper cables, first aid kit and ever-growing American behinds. With a 4-wheel drive, the Trail Boss trim line comfortably obstructed by a pathway, a steep dirt height, uneven stone blocks and a muddy bog that – at aggressive speed – simultaneously sprayed videographers too close to the safety damper and made you want the side windows also Wiper. There is not yet an all-out fire-fighting off-road version in line with the Ford F-150 Raptor or ZR2 edition of the medium-sized Chevrolet Colorado we tested a year ago.

More cameras for Chevy's advanced trailer system, complete with hitch viewing and dynamic backing guidelines, make trailer hook-up a snap. Here, the transferred red yellow line turns when the steering wheel turns and shows if you are on the target. No longer will you make fun of yourself on the boat ramp, the smooth moss that makes you fall into the water, you should go out to admire your craft. (Yes, we know this is not a boat trailer.)

Idiot-Proofing Trailer Hook-Up Experience

For those who drive trailers, the 2019 Silverado makes us heroes all. The advanced trailer system uses multiple cameras to show how close you are to the trailer hooks. Dynamic guidelines show if you have the wheel turned so that you are tilted with a hitch, and the pageview shows if you are close to someone else, say on a multi-vehicle boat frame or on the local trailer bearing. Often the most embarrassing moments of trucking and vacation life are when you give up the gate and the receiver another half a meter apart and ask two husky spectators to throw the trailer in place.

Then the rear camera option – rear as it is mounted on the rear of the trailer or boat. You can see what lies behind the trailer when you back up. You can even see what lies behind you on the highway, even for five seconds before the camera expires. Simply press the trailer view button on the LCD center deck and you have five seconds. One kiss of the system is that if you get the hangover camera, the Chevy removes the front camera from the package. (See the empty point at the top left of the screen above.) The Chevrolet displays a 4-port input box for its surround display system (front camera, two sides, rear) and the trailer camera makes five, so that the front camera was sacrificed. It appears that Chevrolet will find a five-port input device to correct this minor error.

Electronic bells and whistles ease the tasks even more. With the camera in hitch display, if you switch to park, the parking brake is automatically set. If you have more trailers, you can set up to 5 trailer profiles to track mileage, mpg and transmission temperature, and save brake recovery for that trailer. If a wild thief tries to connect the trailer while the truck is locked, the alarm sounds, the lights flash and you get a phone, text or email alert so you can call the police or take the law in your own hands. From the cab you can monitor the hanging pressure. The MyChevrolet Trailer phone apps test each trailer light in order, so you do not need a helper.

Five of the eight Silverado trim lines, including the RST shown here, offer dynamic fuel management for three gasoline engines. DFM disables cylinders in 17 different patterns depending on speed and load. The other three petrol engines use active fuel handling and turn down a cylinder box.

I4, 16, V6, V8, Diesel, 2 Types of Cylinder Shutdown

To save fuel, the gasoline engines offer two types of cylinder deactivation on light load. The easier is automatic fuel handling: Half cylinder turns off when there is no heavy load. This is for cheaper Silverados. New is dynamic fuel management, intermediate and higher than Silverados. Depending on the load, there are 17 patterns of cylinder spacing. With someone, like a half or a quarter load, the same cylinder is deactivated every time. (It does not affect wear, says Chevy.) In the other patterns, different cylinders are shut down depending on engine load, and these patterns are too when the demand for cylinders is not divided evenly into eight. When combined with a 10-speed automatic, Chevrolet says that DFM provides a 5 percent improvement in fuel economy.

Silverado offers six engines, three automatic gears and two ways to disable unnecessary cylinders. The 4.3-liter V6 and 5.3-liter V8 with six-speed are at lower cost "high-value" Silverados. The new 2.7 liter inline turbo four with automatic fuel management goes on mainstream LT and RST. The 5.3-liter V8 with Dynamic Fuel Control and a 10-speed is on the two highest trim lines, LTZ and High Country. The new 3.0-liter inline turbo diesel with 10-speed is on medium and high-end Silverados, except off-road Trail Boss trims.

EPA characters will get Silverado at least 20 mpg on the highway. The 5.3 liter V8 with rear-wheel drive is rated 17 mpg city, 23 mpg freeway, and 19 mpg combined. The four-wheel drive 6.2-liter V8 is rated until 16/20/17.

All that power gives tire capacity of 8,000 to 12,200 pounds and payload of 2,100 to 2,500 pounds. Today's half-toned trucks draw as much as yesterday's three-quarters-ton trucks.

Silverado tauer up to 12,000 pounds.

Silverado Trim Lines

2019 Silverado has eight trimmer or model variants divided into three groups.

High value (3). Work truck, custom and custom Trail Boss. These make you a Silverado in the low thirties before alternatives.

High volume (3). LT, RST (New in 2019), LT Trail Boss (New in 2019). This is where most Silverados are sold.

High function (2). (It's high dollar.) LTZ, High Country. If you're about leather, comfort and total book check, you can surpass $ 65,000 with High Country, Chevy's response to the F-150 King Ranch edition. A cool alternative is a tailgate that lowers automatically and with the tricks (or one hand) increases and locks.

Trail Boss Silverados comes from the factory with lifting height lifted two inches. There is electronic rear clearance, a two-step transfer bag and locking rear differential, oil pane and transfer bag, a heavy air filter, 18-inch rear-wheel drive and (V8s) two-way outputs.

Despite Chevy's repeated Ford basing for Ford aluminum body – prone to pants, says the Chevrolet – Silverado body is 88 pounds lighter, partly because the doors, hood and tailgate are made of aluminum. The safety cage is made of seven steel types. Overall, the new Silverado is about 400 pounds lighter. The truck bed provides good storage with additional space on each side of the fender and several fixed contiguous locations. The Chevrolet will spray a late feeding at the factory ($ 650). LED lights and a 120-volt outlet are available in the bed.

Air channels in the front corners control the wind around the tires. A deflector on the cab gives smooth airflow over the back of the truck.

Infotainment, Safety Tech

The Chevrolet MyLink system is still very easy to use, with things that people like, such as big rubber buttons and clear menus. OnStar is standard. There can be as many as six USB connectors. The CD player is gone.

Chevrolet has an almost full set of security assistants and the driver helps. This includes collision warning, low speed braking, auto-braking, over-speed warning over 37 km / h, blind spot detection (Chevy calls it lane warning using sideblind zone warning) and backlash of traffic alerts. Instead of a warning beep, there is haptic feedback through the safety alert driver's manual, an option that indicates left-to-right dangers.

A head-up display is provided with a virtual 7-by-3-inch display. Surround vision is available with quirk (noted above) that if you also order the hangover camera, Chevy removes the front camera.

The major omission is adaptive cruise control. It really belongs to vehicles that can travel far distances. Chevrolet says it is working actively with ACC for Silverado.

Chevy hopes to get back on Ford F-150, which sold 311,000 more F-150 last year, Chevrolet sold Silverados. Add GMC's similar Sierra pickup, General Motors Outsold Ford six times 20 years, by 2015, came the Ford F-150 F-150 on the market today. Lincoln has given minimal pickup sales to FoMoCo, no more than 12,000 a year, where Sierra has given GM 200,000 plus sales over the last four years.

Should you buy?

Pickup trucks are large companies, mostly outside the large population (read: media) centers. The six full-size vehicles from Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, GMC, Toyota and Nissan accounted for 2.4 million of the 17.2 million lorries that were sold in 2017 (one of the eight sales). Ford, Chevy and Ram were 1-2-3 in sales, each with more than 500,000 sales and profit margins higher than sedans, crossovers and SUVs. Ford's latest F-150 debuted as a 2015 model; Silverado and Ram will be brand new in 2019. The new Silverado is the 1500 Series, it's called a halftone pickup, although they can carry almost 2,000 pounds, including passengers. Huskier 1500HD, 2500HD and 3500HD come later.

Pickup purchase decisions are often formed by which pickup you own now. Brand loyalty is high; If you own a Silverado now, your next truck will be a Silverado. So Chevy aims at first-time buyers, like people who bought a boat, a horse or a gentleman's farm. Having said that, Silverado is achieved that owners of other brands will stop at least by the Chevy showroom. The Ford F-150 is just a new update, but the core car will go to 2014. The frame must be competitive with its new 2019 models. Only Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan have competitive challenges to the big three.

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