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2005 Ford GT Drag Races 1967 Ford GT40 Mk III in Ultimate Old vs. New Showdown

GT40 is produced especially for Italian buttocks, and is a racing icon. Brought into the mainstream once again by Ford versus Ferrari success with Matt Damon and Christian Bale, the mid-range race car that won Le Mans four times in trot is another beast compared to the blown V8-powered Ford GT supercar of ’00 -the number.
Blue Oval rolled out four versions of the GT40, which takes its name from the car’s height in inches (1.02 meters). In order to benefit from the success of the circuit in the Circuit de la Sarthe and other leading circuits, the Ford Motor Company has also produced a very limited number of cars.

Valued at $ 2.5 million or more, the GT40 Mk III in the following video is one of seven third iterations ever built, one of only four with left-hand drive. The 289 V8 small blocks float out 306 ponies, and all that suction-squeezing bang is sent to the rear axle by means of a shift.

Very light with 1

,217 kilos, and the GT40 Mk III can be pushed to 165 miles per hour (266 kilometers per hour) while 60 km / h (97 km / h) takes 5.3 seconds according to Ford. These numbers were impressive back in the day, but still, how do they stack up against the far more modern GT?

Owned by the Petersen Museum, the old school’s supercar obviously spins the rear tires from the line. Launched by the museum’s curator, the GT40 Mk III did not win the first and second quarter-mile races in the following video. It undoubtedly gives the better exhaust sound, but the GT field by Doug DeMuro is more powerful and spices things up with supercharger whine.

Dougie can not start too well either on the first try, but he is much better with the accelerator pedal modulation on second races. These being said, bother to guess how big a gap separates these two bad boys?

The first shot exchange ends in 15.59 seconds for the golden ager supercar, then the time that has passed is improved to 15.16 seconds. As expected, GT does easy work with its spiritual predecessor with 14.42 and 12.47 second runs in the hands of someone who does not have too much drag racing experience.

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